Kicking My Addiction To The Curb

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  1. Hello my name is ElbowSex, I know a lot of you are thinking that wow I should've thought of that name well too bad....................... :ey: jk. I am here to talk about how I got over an addiction to a product that needs no introduction. There is no need for alarm I am not that much of a noob that I didn't read the guidelines before I decided to make an account so I wont talk about any unmentionables. The best way you guys will understand my daily struggle is if I posted a picture of the monkey on my back................. here goes nothing dont say I didnt warn you :eek:.
    Now a lot of you may think Im trolling, but I cant stress enough that I am not, let me give you some back story. I was burnt out on my regular snack food, so I was looking for something new, a friend turned me on to these babies and before I knew it I was hooked :love:. There would be days where I would go to WAWA and 7 eleven, the places in my area that carried them and buy out all their stock, which meant 5 or 6 bags. I know what your thinking that is not bad............. but this was EVERYDAY. It was coming to the point where I could not function without some of these in my system and where I THOUGHT about doing sexual favors, IF I ever ran out of money to buy them, thankfully that never happened :yay:. In addition to the daily purchases the businesses would recognize me and re sock their shelves with a different snack aggravating me lol :mad:. Not only that I would experience extreme laziness and bouts with boredom because all I wanted to do was eat 5 bags of takis a day. SO I new I had to make a change, Ive been eating better, working out, and Ive got a new angle on life, and now that I medicate I can create healthier meals that replace takis  :bongin: . Sorry for the long post but my question is have you ever been addicted to a junk food or anything else? or maybe post how much you love takis, Ill admit I do think about falling back into old habits sometimes but then I remember the person I saw in the mirror :eek:. Let me know blades and bladettes.

  2. Psshh, new GC members, yermsayin'
  3. Good job, fatty!
  4. Glad you've come full circle! :) I get that craving with Enchilada Supreme Doritos. :smoke:
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    I go through phases of food.

    Right now I'm craving some crunchy MSG balls.

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  6. I was kinda addicted to mcbitchins for a while
  7. resist the urges op. they will pass. and congrats on kicking this addiction!
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    When I was pregnant, I felt like I was addicted to sweets, lol. I would wake up craving them so bad that if I didn't have any, I would search my house like a nut and eat anything sweet, didnt care if I had to sip out of a chocolate syrup bottle or eat a spoon of sugar, I just NEEDED sweets. I felt like a crackhead searching the floors for crumbs, I raided my house several times when I had a craving and didn't buy anything beforehand. I'd go to 7-11 at like 3am for a candy bar, lol.
  9. This is my addiction:

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  10. Double post

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  11. That's some thick cheese.
  12. Brianna, I know you live in Jersey, but if you ever visit California, I suggest you eat one these when you get the munchies. Best damn burger you'll ever eat in your life. White castle uses oatmeal in thier burgers. In-n-out is 100% pure beef.
  13. :D ill remember that, because I LOVE me a good burger! White Castle is so nasty!!! Oatmeal, really?! Ew!
  14. That Double-Double is giving me a boner.
  15. brianna your picture is so beautiful :love:
  16. Umm..Really...
  17. Thanks, lolol! I know someone who looks like that, how scary.
  18. What the fuck is a Takis?
  19. you sir have been missing out, imagine a cascading adventure of chile and lime combined with a delicious heat rolled into a tortilla chip

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