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  1. so, heres is my dilema, long ago i poped two wee little seeds, both of unknown origin, from some bags once smoked. so to shorten the story, i planted both plants in a 20gal tub, they have been doing great, 6 weeks into flower and things are going smooth. now heres the problem, they are two different unknown strains, planted in the same container, with absolutely no chance of seperating the two. they are going to finish at different times. so then it comes to flush, what if one isnt done and the other is ready to go.
    guess i am just going to have to suck it up and learn the lesson eh. flush and cut the two? any opinions are welcomed.
    sorry for the ramble, kinda baked lol
  2. i say just flush them both and read feed the one still in there. nothing wrong with a good flush huh
  3. yea man sometimes to get a better flush Ill give a 12 week plant just water til I chop

    from like 9 weeks haha

    prob not the best way to push your plants but my bud tastes better because of it I would think.
    ( debatable, nutes could help shape the taste as well as take away from it.)

    nothing wrong with some balanced water and sweetner
  4. youll be fine. Just judge the triches and if you need 3-4 more weeks on the second one give it a light feeding after the flush and then continue as normal.
  5. do you suppose i could put them both in darkness for a few days beore i chop, harvest the one, then flip the lights back on for the other?or is this just askin for a hermi in the last few weeks?
  6. Just wrap the one plant you want in darkness in a couple black plastic garbage bags. Make sure the humidity isn't enough to mold your buds tho!
  7. although a good idea, its not realistic for my situation, small cabinet scrog grow. has anyone out there heard of anything going wrong with extended dark period then light again?

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