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kicked outta school

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by vacntskies, Feb 11, 2004.

  1. hey everyone i know im not a big poster around here but something very fucked up just happend. i just got results from my drug test saying that i failed it, so i was discharged from my school, my senior year, and now i have to go to a new school a public school, also which i have never been in before in my life(kindergarten through 12half). sorry this thread probbaly wont go anywhere but i had to just say somethign im soo furious
  2. you went to a private/christian school? dude dont even worry about that shit.

    1. I've gotten kicked out of 2 and it doesnt even matter.

    2. public schools are the shit, you can get mad hookups there and the fuckin skirts....holy shit there are so many women waitin just to get all over your nuts. just work your shit and you'll be a pimp in no time.

    3. yo, don't ever get punked, if someone tries to start shit, knock 'em out.

    4. Always, I reapeat, ALWAYS come to school buzzed. That shit will relax you so you can concentrate.

    5. peace out.
  3. I got kicked out of school once for smoking on a field trip. I just went home-schooled, which I did on my computer. I would just send my work in online, and it only took a couple hours a day to do the work.

  4. thats what my friend does, completed 3 years of highschool after dropping out, and got his highschool diploma at the end, with a GED. Online classes are pretty damn cool, but i dont think i'd want to do it over school. Some of your best memories are during your high school time, i know mine have, and still are, im a senior...
  5. "holy shit there are so many women waitin just to get all over your nuts. just work your shit and you'll be a pimp in no time.

    lol!! i wish my school was like that, but i was an outkast till my last 2 years.
  6. That sucks dude. They shouldnt be able to kick you out for that, I got busted in school with it and I still only got 5 days OSS.

  7. were you like, the smelly kid?...
  8. yea soo i started school, its so much better in public school things are soo more laid back plus i get to go home early and what not. not to mention that more kids are into stuff im into at public school(music and such). soo things are pretty good, and yes i have allot more hookups in public school lol
  9. Getting kicked out of school is a life experience dude. It happened to me too, and it was most definitley for the better.

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