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Kicked out of the dorms.

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by RedSorcerer, Aug 31, 2007.

  1. Hey guys, so as a few of you might have read in a previous thread of mine, I was busted on Sunday. Weed was smelled, cops were called. Lost an amazing half O, my incredible b-day piece, and all my supplies.

    Just got a letter delivered to my dorm today that says I have a hearing at 9:30AM tomorrow morning.

    Well, it kinda sucks, the hearing is the day before my birthday. (Sept 1.)
    I risk getting kicked out of the dorms and possibly the school.

    I've been working so hard, adding classes and sorting things out.

    I'm just super stressed about it and feel like I'm getting a lot off my chest by venting about it.

    Wish me luck fellow tokers, and god bless you all.
  2. Damn dude....good luck with that.
  3. uhh i hope your parents arent paying for all of your college and gettting kicked out ihe that sucks
  4. Im sorry to hear that bro. Its always a hassle to get busted at school.

    I dont know about your school but at my school your first time getting busted you just get a drug class/fines/community service. You get three strikes before you get kicked out of housing. You get multiple strikes from different things but i doubt the school would kick you out of housing for the first offense. My school is pretty stricht and my friend didnt get kicked out of housing til they busted him for the third time and they found alcohol/weed/piece/supplies each time.

    When you go in for your meeting try to make a good impression, dress up. This is your chance to reduce the damage. My room got busted with 60 beers/6 bottles of liquor/smelling like weed and the only thing that happened was 2 out of 8 people got 100 fines just by being really nice and dressing up. Be apologetic and basically just completely bullshit your way through it, kissing ass all the way through. If youre believable enough youll probably get off without getting kicked out of school/dorms.
  5. Let me give you some first hand advice. I single handedly had my university change it's policy regarding student housing and drinking/smoking, so I think I know what I'm talking about. I was in the same situation as you, threatened with getting kicked out of dorms, suspended from the university, kicked out of the university, etc., etc..

    The hearing was a piece of cake. Those bastards ate right out of my hands. Heres what you need to do: sell them the idea that you have a problem. Everybody loves someone seeking help, trying to fix their lives. If they give you time for a statement before a ruling (not sure what type of hearing you have) you need to say something along these lines:

    "Listen, please. I know I did something wrong. I know it's illegal, immoral, and downright wrong to smoke marijuana, but you have to understand, I have an addiction."

    Appeal to their pathos; tell them what they want to hear. Ask that they merely put you on probation and sign you up for a drug addiction class or something. Plead with them that you will change, never do it again, take their addiction classes, and become a changed man.

    You'll get off, I promise. You might get kicked out of housing, but if this was your first offense then I really doubt it. Oh yeah, and after all that shit you just spewed to them you better make sure they don't catch you smoking again. Just be more careful when and where you smoke. Good luck man, I'll be waiting to hear how it turns out.
  6. Good advice. Gauge how leanient the panel may be to a pothead. If you feel you can get off by saying that marijuana laws are wrong and you were performing what you consider to be an act of civic disobedience in protest. Talk about the constitution and freedom.

    If not, just say you are addicted, but now that youve gotten in trouble your willing to get clean, offer to take piss tests if your serious, otherwise just BS some more.:cool:
  7. thats the stupidest thing ive ever heard. saying that makes weed sound worse than it is. it just gives anti-weed people another reason to not like it. its not even worth lying to say that imho. its not immortal or wrong to smoke it. and an addiction? dude weed is not addicting where your body needs it to live. if you need it to live and u dont function without it then u can call it addicting. id say weeds addictingness is equal to coffee. you dont see the entire population going around saying im addicted to coffee. thats just a really stupid comment to say.

    back on topic just tell them you won't have any more alcohol or pot at school.
  8. Hank do you actually think I believe what I wrote? You need to appeal to what THEY believe. If they think weed is evil and horrible then you need to tell them that you realize it is and that you need help. Seriously? Did you seriously think I meant that? Come on dude. Some times you gotta lie to the authority to do what you need to do.

    If you go to them and say, "Fine I wont smoke or drink in the dorms or on campus anymore" then all they'll hear is "I intend to continue smoking weed, which is evil rolled up in paper". You need to feed them bullshit, end of story.
  9. He has few options, this is one of them- and it could work.
  10. completely off topic but red where you at in camarillo or malibu? im in thousand oaks so yea im close. and you said camarillo so im thinkn about CSUCI do you go there? cause i heard about some kids gettn kicked out for blazin at orientation

    yea but in answer kIss ass and look better than they do
  11. keno, I completely respect you and your methods of handling these sorts of situations, but GC is a part of my family and I gotta be honest with you all in the sense that I fully intend to look the dean in the eyes and say, "I'm really sorry, I screwed up. I made a huge mistake by getting involved in what I was doing, and it's never to happen again."
    I'm just praying they don't kick me out of housing.


  12. Haha, bro, do you go to CSUCI!? I'm there fo sho. I wasn't part of the group of idiots who got busted at orientation. What they did was just down right stupidity. Taking a blunt into a bathroom with 4 people sharing it is down right trouble. Any way, I got busted last Sunday. But seriously bro, if you're up at CSUCI, hit me up =]
  13. Wait, so you agree with what I suggested, right? You're going to lie to him and blow smoke up his ass and just be more careful? Also, I'm originally from the same area you guys are, haha. Also currently a University of California student :wave:
  14. That's right bro. Blow smoke up his ass all the way and pray I don't get busted again =]
  15. I'm a little confused. It says you reg'd this month and have only posted 30 times yet you consider this forum part of your family? Did you have another account before this or something?
  16. yo man i'm going to ucsb this fall, so another university of california student here!

    good luck red, i hope everything works out man. i'm sure it will. interesting to hear what they do since they probably have the same policies at every csu/uc
  17. First of all, I definatly don't think you say should anything stupid like " I think marijuana laws are wrong" or anything like that. No matter how lenient/strict the board is, they will want you to be apologetic. You broke the rules of the school, more so than the city/state/etc. laws. Be apologetic to the school, and I think you stand a fair shot of remaining in housing/the school.

    Hope everything works out bro.
  18. Might get off, but that is just adding to the negative stigma associated with marijuana. That's what we are trying to get people to stop thinking.
  19. Whether you blow smoke up their ass or not, tell them what they wanna hear or not, whatever you do, do not go into it thinking you have them by the balls you might walk away from there balless and needing to find a job flipping burgers or stocking shelves to start your career off. If you do manage to get out of it then it most likely will not be because you pulled something over on them.

    Good luck
  20. dorms suck, just find somewhere better to live and youll be happier anyway

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