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  1. Well on Monday I got a letter in the mail saying not to come back to school because ive had too many absences. Now im a senior and Im really pissed getting kicked out of school my last year. I called today to see if I could get back in somehow, but they wont let me. Now I dont know wtf im going to do. I just feel like a failure and thats not a great feeling.
  2. you must have missed a shit ton of school

    I know kids who would go to school a couple days a week on a good week, and they were only threatened with this.
  3. same thing happened to me bro..i got kicked out of school for excessive abscences at the end of my junior year. It sucks I had to get my ged but i dont give 2 shits now i'll be a junior in college next semester. I'm a year ahead of my friends because i started community college right after i got my ged.
  4. yeah man im gonna have to get my GED now. Ive already take one test I have 3 left. The GED tests are all easy as hell. Yeah Ive missed 14 of 22 days, it sucks too because ive already applied to a tech college hopefully im still on track to get in to it.

  5. Keep working to get that GED asap. Hopefully you can still get into school. Good luck.
  6. I was afraid that was gonna happen to me last year. I missed....47 days I think?! Something like that. No one ever even mentioned anything about kicking me out, but they definitely weren't happy. Sorry to hear you got kicked out. Good luck.
  7. No 1 said to miss so many dam days, ur a senior man u should no BETTER, and as far as a GED. U dont need that, jus complete summer school!
  8. shit man gl with all that...

    i guess i took for granted workin as a peer counselor/and knowing other peer counselors that worked in the attendance office...officially i didnt miss hardly any classes my junior/senior years in hs but on the real i was skippin on the regular and would just erase the absent on the scantron and fill it in as being there
  9. they didnt warn you?
  10. Hey, not to sound like a dick or anything but you mind want to think about cutting back on smoking, at least until you get some of your shit together. It's not that I think smoking makes you unmotivated or shit like that, but if you're already feeling kind of down it might be easy to just fall into a pattern of continuous smoking to try and feel better. I guarantee you'll feel better smoking twice a week and getting GED stuff done vs. smoking every day and not doing shit.
  11. Here they have this program called SARB and if you miss a certain amount of school they lock your ass up in Juvy for 5 days :(. Never heard of someone just getting kicked out, lol! How much school did you miss?
  12. Yeah man I havent smoked in about 3 weeks so yeah
  13. Damn, that sucks. You must have missed a LOT of school, cause I used to not go to school at least once or twice a week and never got kicked out. Just failed a lot.

    Try getting into an alternative school? You could graduate early and you'd only have to go for a few hours. That's what I'm doing and I love it. The only downside is you don't get a diploma (I think).
  14. i can't see how they do it a law to get an education in the UK?

  15. This could be a real eye opener too, smoking makes me want to learn and being stoned makes me relaxed, everyone is different but your GED is good enough, if you don't want to wait till next semester. They must of gave warnings and called a few times, just did'nt think they would do it did you?
  16. Why the hell even bother being enrolled in a senior year if you're not gonna go often? =/
  17. that sucks dude. The same thing happened to my friend. He would come twice a week on a good week and when he came would always skip atleast a couple of classes. He got kicked out for the semester and he doesn't know if he's going to drop out or not. Good luck with tech school and your GED
  18. I don't think they'd kick you out without any form of warning. So this is your own fault.

    Should have stayed in school.

    But on the other hand, if they didn't give you a warning I wouldn't take that shit.
  19. That must be shitty dude, but you really should attend class if you need to. I hope you can get your GED and still go to tech school bro.
  20. Get your GED fast, and then just go to a JC or something?

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