Kicked out of college....what next?

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  1. Well as some of you may know, I got in some trouble my former school, hit a kid, and was around empty alcohol(sober) two times. I completed my freshman year there though,

    Since I couldnt live there I decided to apply to the school my dad went to, and got in!:hello: Score! I was going to love it there too, in the Berkshires of Mass. Wrong. About a month or so after I was accepted I got a letter saying they needed to review my dispiplinary records since I checked "Yes" on the application for being suspended or on probation at school. Parents said I should but I really wanted to lie...but didnt.

    Eventually they say we need to have a meeting to discuss if I can live there or not. Im like WTF since I already went to my college orientation, paid the $200 housing deposit and was accpepted with no mention of not having housing.

    They do say that I can be present at the meeting. I say I want to and wait for a reply about when it will be.

    Well today I get a letter saying this
    Now its far too fucking late to get accepted anywhere else.

    I've been thinking of maybe doing those WWOOF things that Heinus Anus had a thread about where you live somewhere and work to live there ina diff country.

    Opinions on where to go from here?
  2. If you really want into the school, go to a community college, breeze through those classes, keep straight with the law, and get admitted next year.
  3. do community college for a bit and turn your reputation around..prove to them you really want it, just giving up and going to work for some fucked up company getting shot at by camel jockey's isn't the choice I would make. If you really want a college education, and that's all that's holding you back..then you can get it, giving up now would only mean you'll regret the fuck out of it in 10 years or sooner. Trust me, I was in something similiar, and chose to not go to community college..luckily shit is just starting to work out for me, but I really should of stayed in it, I'd have my 4 year degree by now. Oh well.
  4. I never went to college. I've seen most of the world that most college graduates will never see because they're strapped to their jobs 11 months out of the year til they're 65.

    Now, in a few months I'll be making $35 an hour as a district manager. College < Common Sense of the World.
  5. i know several people from the college i'm attending who had great experiences in programs like wwoof. if you feel compelled to do something like that, do it now. you may not have another chance in the future.
  6. I make a killing..and I never went to college, does that mean everyone should skip college? fuck no, it's easier to just stay in college. But the best advice you can have is to follow your's never wrong. Money doesn't mean happiness.
  7. Just because you're 18-22 doesn't mean you have to go to college. Explore your own life, find out what you REALLY want to do. THEN, go to college for it. What I plan on doing for Horticulture.

  8. That is damn true, but only if you're able to do it that way..not many people have the support via family or monetary to do somethign like that. But if you can pull it off, hell yeah..spend a few years learning what life is REALLY about.
  9. College definately isn't for everyone, and I'm sorry if my posts implied that. My experience in college has been enlightening and a fun adventure. Live YOUR life, not someone elses.
  10. Its alright, man.

    Believe me. You'd be amazed at how many college graduates tell me how they wish they had the life that I lead.

    In the end you'll be more respected if you didn't follow the leader.
  11. Couldn't you live off campus? and get your deposit back?
  12. No ones doubting It's just not the best option for everyone. Remember, a little common sense goes a long way, use it.
  13. I woud definately take some time to travel and to find yourself. See the world through the eyes of others, experience the different cultures that you come across. Your journey will allow you to know what to fulfill next in your life. Best of luck, my friend.
  14. Man I really hope you find luck wherever it takes you. What good is it to reveiw the past and see how many suspensions or expensions someone had made? A past is never present. May be the community colllege is a good idea because you just have to sign up and pay to get in like any other 'business' colleges but other than that Blaze_it_up maybe the woofing thing is for you. I mean, many students after high school (especially from Europe) go for a backpacking adventure, and hell, no one keeps tracks of your records then, cause you're not gonna mess with any country.

    Heinous_Anus's idea on woofing is badass, and that's what I'm hoping to do next in maybe 2 years or so this should happen- as I am having trouble dealing with colleges myself such as hcc, i took an online course this summer and the teacher won't email me back my grades because her accounts been terminated, so there's no other way to reach her. I would've gotten my diploma the first week of August too. Damn, something always goes wrong. (sorry just venting)
  15. You make it sound so easy heinous.....

  16. Heinous, come on.
    I know others who at 27 make 50,000 because they just got their Ph.D. in Physics..
    I'd rather go that way, end up living in cali, doing research, making mad dough, killing that grandaddy purp and messing with little 90210 bitches..

  17. I know guys at 23 making $80,000 driving trucks for UPS because they got their Driver's License. (BTW, that is about the best job in America right now for "unqualified" workers)

    If life is about money to you, college is no guaranteed road to it. Besides, a degree isn't remotely necessary to be successful in the two largest investment industries, the Stock Market and real estate.

    Now, studying Physics would be cool and worthwhile for many reasons, but I don't think getting "rich" should be one of them, nor is one of them to anyone who's actually put in the work to get a Ph.D in Physics.
  18. I'm with this guy.
  19. Just take a year or two off. Maybe do some traveling and if that doesnt work out for you, go to college. My brothers friends dad took 10 years off before he went to college.
    I'm planning on taking a year off to be a ski bum at northstar, or some ski resort in the Tahoe area. Find a shitty little house, make it comfortable, and be a snowboard instructor. If that doesnt work out, I'll just go to college. If it does, fuck college.
  20. Um dude... I'm pretty sure there is a loop hole in those college systems. Once they accept you and you pay there is no way that they cannot let you in. I'm not sure what it is but I'm positive if you do some research you can come up with some results in this area.

    If I were you... I'd move to Hawaii and live there lol that's what I'm doin next summer with my buddy :hello:

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