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  1. I tried to buy swisher wraps today and I got kicked out of the albertsons. I showed them my ID, I am 19 years old. They then asked my friend for his Id and he checks his pockets and says he doesn't have ID with him. The Manager freaks and says "this wont work you two need to leave now." In a stern as fuck tone. I had my ID but the lady insisted on kicking us out of the store even though I was the one picking out the swishers and paying for them.

    I told her "I will probably not be buying buying anything from your store again since you guys are profiling me and think I am going to give my friend a cigar even though he is 19. Its for me and I am the one buying them." She says " Its illegal with out proof of ID" I take my ID and show it to her and say "I am 19 and those are my swishers" She then replies, he needs his ID pointing at my friend. I then reply "hes 19 though and I am buying them for myself." Her reply, "thats it you two out of here, and she literally followed us out fo the store and threatened to call the police or security. She treated us so badly and she actually thought she had stopped a purchase of tobacco products for a minor.

    I then walked 60 feet to a rite aid and bought two swishers no problem at all. I realize that they can choose who to sell to, but why freak out about this? She was so damn stern and angry and my back pack was so full of bud I was trying to keep the situation as mellow as possible cause once security gets involved it gets so shitty. They over react and think they are serving justice. When in fact they are just being assholes. Thats another story though.

    Have you guys ever had this issue?
  2. It's against the law to sell tobacco products to anyone under 18/without ID, and that includes everyone you're with.

    ive worked in multiple places where i had to check ID's, cops send people in all the time to perform checks. It's not worth it to get fired to sell a swisher to someone who might have just forgotten their id.

    Try to see it from our point of view.

    This shouldn't be news.
  3. Yeah, I've had this issue many times. It's unfortunate buy hey...what are you gonna do? Usually when I know I'm gonna be buying something that requires carding I make whoever is with me walk away from me while I make the purchase. Once it's in my hands they can think what they want when they see me join up with that person again.
  4. thats some bullshit..

    if youre the one picking out the swishers AND paying then theyre for you.. you dont refuse sale of tobacco for a father buying cigarettes with his 13 year old son do you? itd be different if the other kid picked out the swishers and then the kid with the id paid..

    i woulda told the bitch to go ahead and call the cops.. see what they had to say about it..
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    Once the product has been purchased, its no longer our legal obligation to ensure it only goes to those of age. I couldnt care less if i saw you walk outside and hand a cig to a 10 year old, not my problem anymore.

    Well, thats a different scenario. We tend to treat teenagers with more caution, because they are the ones who try to cheat the system.

    I'm not defending this, im simply stating why what happened, happened.

  6. yeah but, it was for him only. who are they to judge and say that for sure he is going to give it to his friend...that shouldnt be there call to make.
  7. I would have ran to the chip isle and fucked shit up

  8. I was the one purchasing and selecting the swisher and had ID showing I was over 18. What about parents that buy stoges when they are with their children at the store? they don't ask for the kids ID. I have been in glass shops and have had friends chose glass and I show my ID and its been fine, those are head shops though. Never before have I, or any of my friends been hassled when someone else is buying tobacco products.

    I know they can chose who buys what from their store, I have just never run into this issue.
  9. It's not up to the cashier...

    like i said earlier, cops do send in random kids to buy cigs and stuff w/o id, so thats what was going through the cashiers head most likely. People get fired over this kind of stuff, ive been there.

    It's a dick move, but i dont want to lose my job homie.
  10. She doesn't want to risk her job for two dudes trying to get high..who buys wraps at Albertsons anyways? :p
  11. my point is, if the guy picking it out and buying the tabacco is of age.. there is no reason for you to think that hes just buying it for the guy standing with him. you sold it to the guy thats of age.. thats where the law is.. you followed protocol.. anything else is just you feeling like you have a moral obligation..
  12. No. it isnt.

    I could have gotten fired where i worked if i sold tobacco/alcohol to someone who was old enough if they had someone w/o ID or who wasnt old enough.

    Obvious exceptions are made for parents with kids of course, but when two teenagers come in and one doesnt have ID, we're supposed to treat it like they are buying for them BECAUSE they arent old enough.

    It may not be correct, and it sure as hell is a dick move and shouldnt happen, but it does.

    Everyone gets ID'd, every one needs to be old enough.

    In most places, it's company policy.

  13. When I worked at Game Stop I couldn't even sell a rated M game to a person who is obviously over 17 that's accompanied by someone who is younger than 17 unless it's their parent without risking getting fired.

    They just assume you are buying it for the minor to avoid any legal bullshit that people will try and pull.
  14. I tried to buy my friend a can of snuff when he was still underage. She wouldn't sell it to me because she saw him hand me money lol
  15. man ive never experienced any thing like that.. but i guess it is what it is..

    still some bullshit tho
  16. Is there not a liquor store on every corner in your city, OP?

    Also I find it funny that you threatened never to purchase anything from Albertsons again. Your mom will still shop there :D
  17. hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!! That's the dumbest thing I've heard in a long time!

  18. Liquor can be bought in any store where I live. So basically there is a liquor store on every corner. Haha not sure how that relates to buying swishers but it must in some way. While you may be right about my mom shopping there on occasion. You will find me hunting for munchies and swishers somewhere else.
  19. When I worked at a convenience store young people would always get mad at me because if you came in a group/pair and you wanna buy cigs/blunts/beer etc all of them better have id or none of them are getting anything (obviously parent/children is different because it's obvious who it's for). Why be such a bitch you ask lol. Well if I sold you a pack of swishers and a tobacco/alcohol enforcement officer shows up,he will check both of your IDs and if your buddy turns out to be underage I would lose my job,get fined,and lose my alcohol certification. Some random person getting irritated isn't worth the clerk's job.
  20. You are wrong, it is only the person who is handing over the cash or card.
    Stop are embarrasing yourself trying to be right.
    The cashier and or store has no right to ask for the other persons card, unless the friend handed him some cash to help pay for the item INSIDE THE STORE.

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