Kicked it n blazed with a blade.

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  1. Alright GC.

    So a blade hit me up a week or two ago when I was posting in the GC party thread and asked me to let him know if the party was going down.

    We did some PM'ing and he said he might be coming to Cali soon. So I was like fa Sho. Well hit me up if it goes down.

    I check GC on.. fri morning and I had a PM saying he was in the Hollywood area and if I could hang to text [insert blades number] Sadly I was on my way to a Rave on Friday : /

    Which I told him.

    So Saturday comes rolling along and were texting n shit and my schedule was.. Hectic. To say the least. I kept telling him I might be able to chill later and shit and eventually I found out he was staying like 30min from my friends house in Monrovia.

    So I hit up my friend and asked if I could come over and have a couple guests over (his house is a party house so he's used to randos there)

    He said ya. So I told the blade and he was like aight meet ya there. After an hour of me telling him to hold up cause my friend was in a different town.

    Alright now it finally goes down.


    Dude shows up with his sister which is cool. I had my friend and his older brother who was down for college so it was cool.

    And literally the night before my friend had broken his older brothers wrist in a.. Drunken incident.. Lol so that was a funny story.

    But the guy was totally chill. He came out from Virginia to visit for thanksgiving.

    We smoked a few bowls outta my bong. Had some solid laughs.

    Smoked a couple Oil Dome rips which I think freaked his sister out lol

    So ya. We blazed, had some good laughs, told some good stories. And then parted ways.

    Overall. Good experience. It was chill meetin a blade and I recommend.

    OH YA! So my friend thought that they were people I was talking to about a apartment for some reason and afterwards said he'd never been so confused in his life lol

    But he doesnt smoke anymore so he was here :)

    And we were here :smoking:

    TL;DR Had to put it off till late Saturday night, got high, had a good time.
  2. Word thats hella chill. I met up with a blade once. He was like 34. I go to the front door to let him in, the dude has a Trench-Coat on. He took it off, and said "It's YOU, it's NorCalPIFF!!!!" he then dropped his trench-coat, had a GrassCity labeled thong on (Im not fucking with you!), he ran at me, I had a legal tazer from eBay on me, I tazed the fuck out of him then made him leave. So weird dude.
  3. 1st story went too well, I like the 2nd story , thats crazy shit

  4. hahahaahhahahahahhah!!!!
  5. WTF - Never open the door for someone in a trench - have you EVER heard anything good from someone in a trench?

    I'm skeptical of meeting anyone of the net!

  6. Lol I decided to post my story so that stories like post número.. 2 wouldnt be at the top of everyone's minds when they think of a GC Meet up lol

    Btw the dude has like full green bars and has been a member for a few years.
  7. Anyways, anybody from Sacramento-area trying to throw down a fuckin real lot? Smoke an Cops though. 100% legal over here.

  8. Mission down to Hollywood and we'll talk :cool:
  9. I met up with a blade, actually hooked me up with some dank several times during dry times. Pretty chill :D

    I'll smoke out any blade that's in the Northridge/San Fernando valley area

  10. San Fernando Valley OG Kush is in abundance up here. You guys be putting in work for sure!
  11. I met a chill dude off GC. He hasn't hit me up in months though :<

  12. No way dude.

    I live like 15 min from San Fernando.
  13. [quote name='"Herb Pheonix"']

    No way dude.

    I live like 15 min from San Fernando.[/quote]

    Damn man haha funny there's so many blades in SFV. I live like 10 minutes away from CSUN

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