Kick Ass Showers!

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by sensimil, Jun 12, 2004.

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  1. This thread is dedicated to those showers that just make you feel fucking awesome just all over!! :D when you get out and are just soooo damn sastified you think, oh fuck yeah that was a good fuckin shower! all drippen wet lol :D

    heres to all 2000 parts! :smoke:
  2. It\'s got to be fun to be a girl and tease every fucking guy across the world....lmao...
  3. Mmmmm.....dripping wet in all the right places, huh, Sensi????

    Yeah, I love those showers too! You should join me some time Sensi...2 girls in a shower is better than one anyday!!!!! ;)

  4. Dont I know this!! Its a proven theory :p but just to be sure, we should double check that fact! :D
    ooooh :) Ill scrub your back if you scrub mine! bubbbly scrubby! :D
  5. Did you just say \"Bubbly Scrubbly!?\" I just nearly shit myself. *Ahem* Luke, I\'ve been to a few hotels where the water pressure has been outta hand strong. At first, since I\'m not used to it, it kinda stung...but after a long day, it was orgasmic. I love showers. I take 30 minute showers every day...then get pissed when the bill comes. Fuck the police.

  6. Igt\'s funny because the police have nothing to do with the water bill.
  7. My shower is tiny but it does that massage wand that is.... entertaining. My dream shower is made for two people and has a seat. :)

  8. yes yes yes :):) with a huge shower head from the ceiling pour water down on the both of you!! :D
  9. yup i luv my showers too, can\'t start the day without a refreshing pick me up;) i want one of those showers that has jets comin out of it all over. but i love my baths even more.....sigh.............
  10. lucky gits.

    i havnt had a shower like that for a long time (never had one with two ladies present mores the pity), ever since raynauds started being a problem i have indeed FEARED showers. (lol, idk why i put that in caps, its not that bad)

    the idea of being nekid, and wet, means being cold, and (when its bad) being cold means hours of pain and constricted blood vessels. ow. :(

    but hey! things are looking up! i quit smokin so i think its just gonna be a few years and i\'ll be ready to join you guys for that shower!! lol.

    :( shame that i\'m not a woman now. three in one shower...

    hmm.. how much are sex change ops? i think i could make a pretty good woman. :D;)

  11. ya making me feel guilty digit :D.

    l love my shower,its the only time when l get to just stand there and do nothing but enjoy.
  12. shit. i didnt want peeps to feel bad about it. enjoy your showers all the more. you never know when some medical condition or something else will come along unexpected some year and spoil the things ya love.
  13. aww dig, showers aren\'t that great anyhow. but if u can have one in a year or so i hope it\'s a gooder;)

  14. Ahmen - the hotter the better
  15. hehe, ya make it sound like i dont take showers at all. hehe. *snif snif*

  16. sensimil...i know i barely know you...and you dont know me at all...but i love you.
  17. heres my bathroom in florida :D and check out the shower head! its sick it like covers my entire body ;)


    maybe ill post a pic of my shower here in switzerland sometime lol
  18. I\'ve seen a dead person in my shower before. : - D
  19. ive eaten a dead person in a shower before :)
  20. ok ok ok maybe not dead just passed out on many diff kinds of date rape pills and many many drinks

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