Khola strain

Discussion in 'Picture Post Archive' started by denervation, Apr 29, 2001.

  1. seed planted in plain soil on 1/01/2001, 3 months of vegetation , 4th week of flowering
    height 5 feet , odour just delicious , I guess 2 weeks more to go :rolleyes: [​IMG]

  2. MMMMMM looks good
    nice job :)
  3. Very Nice, Very Nice... :D
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  4. High

    That is 1 SWEET lookin girl you got there..Keep up the good work..Stay Cool !!! :D
  5. Damn...I drooled on the keyboard!

    Hehe- Beautimous!!!
  6. Man that bitch looks like a christmas tree !


  7. damn, Christmas in July!
    PS nice pipes.

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  8. Wow nice grow man. Did you grow that indoors or out?? What type of nutes did you use??? Was that grown under an Hps,MH,Floro or outdoors??? Nice grow man RESPECT.
  9. thats gotta be outdoors

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