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  1. Who do you guys think will win tonight ?

    I was not a big fan of khan to start with but watching him he now has lightning hand speed with unatural power too. I know prescott KO'd him but i think that was a blip n he has learnt more from it than a win maybe?

    Paulie has the talk but against the bigger guys he's not been able to back it up. I dont see anything special about him power wise and technically. He has a great heart and wont give up but i feel he will always fall short at the highest level

    I expect khan to jab n move first few rounds n then start to let loose with the combos which paulie will have no real answer to and the fight to be stopped around 5th - 7th Round. Anyone whose ot seen Amir Khan fight n likes boxing should check out his fight 2nite
  2. 5th rnd Khan struggling to find range but better quality shots from khan malanaggi is starting to find rythem but not able to worry khan with strength.

    seems my 5th 7th prediction may be wrong LOL
  3. this was a disapointing night. both fights were sort of boring. ortiz and campell was slow for the most part and khan paulie was a sloppy fight between two feather fisted guys

    i have a little more respect for khan now tho. i still am just waiting for one of the better 140 lb guys to bredis prescott him in 50 seconds again
  4. My predictions are saying that there will be a thrill and Khan will win after so much struggle.

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