KFC or Popeyes?

Discussion in 'General' started by cothrantyson, Jan 30, 2014.

  1. I want to settle this once and for all. This is a rare intersection of stoner taste and real nigga taste. Which is the best and why? (post pics if needed)

  2. Kfc sucks dude, didn't you see the video of the genetically modified chickens?

    At least Popeye's tastes like actual chicken, and their spicy wings are not overkill like any other place.
  3. Them KFC famous bowls after a bowl. Mmm hmm. But I haven't been to a Popeyes in years, so I can't really argue there... The closest one is like a hour away...... But I do remember Popeyes has/had fries and KFC only has wedges so it gotta give it to Popeyes in that department. But KFC is just dank. Those mashed potatoes and gravy, shiiiit nigga. And popcorn chicken on deck. And them chicken strips, hot damn. You made me crave KFC so bad right before I'm gonna eat din din. Thanks bruhh haha.
  4. Hmm idk its kinda close.. slight edge to Popeye's cuz I can get 'em spicy. :smoke:
  5. never had popeyes, but that KFC famous bowl... i don't know many fast food items that are better.

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  6. [quote name="Royal Vengeance" post="19433723" timestamp="1391064453"]Chik Fil A[/quote]You sir are a bigot!*takes huge slurp of chic-fil-a lemonade*- what's good, nyugga? what's REALLY good?!
  7. Go to a KFC mixed with Taco Bell store and get 8 fries supreme. Yes.
  8. [quote name="Finger My Urethra" post="19433764" timestamp="1391065255"]Go to a KFC mixed with Taco Bell store and get 8 fries supreme. Yes.[/quote]Hahahahaha fat kid status i love it.- what's good, nyugga? what's REALLY good?!
  9. I was like FUUUCK has it really not been said yet? You win. But fer realz, churches over both of these pieces of shit.
  10. Grocery store or my own
  11. Hahaha XD fuck you man. Popeye's all the way.
  12. It's no comparison for me popeye's hands down. The only thing kfc has that could compete with popeyes is the kfc famous bowl. Whenever i get kfc the chicken is half soggy and has fat and shit on it. Popeyes is all crunchy amazing deliciousness. The only complaint i have is that the popeyes around me are always slow as fuck, lousiana fast my ass. I don't know if it's like this for any one else, but i guess it's a small price to pay for waaaay better chicken...
  13. Haven't had either in years
  14. I want to settle this once and for all.  [​IMG]
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  16. Out of the two, Popeyes. But zaxbys got them both beat

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