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Discussion in 'General' started by greenwatcher, May 11, 2011.

  1. who likes those kfc coupons? they are awesome i think. gots some nice deals on them too.

    opinons....you think they are worth it?

  2. Pronouns work best when you actually tell us which ones "those" are...

    But yea, coupons are great cause you get shit cheaper. KFC is alright, but we have Bojangles where i am. Bojangles is like KFC + dank ass biscuts and better everything.
  3. kfc isn't food.
  4. viva la bojangles
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    Oh God, go suck on a raisin then
  6. you mean Kitten Food Central? I feed that slop to my cat, but yeah coupons help. Saves me a bundle instead of buying meow mix
  7. I thought the double-down was every stoner's dream haha
  8. hmm never heard of Bojangles

    but there are 2 other chicken places in my region
    theres Churches Chicken and Popeye's

    its weird tho when i see the later two im always like i eat there next time.
    the when i try to find them they are hiding from me hahaha.

    oh and apparently white castle is nowhere near in my state or even neighboring states.
    but for some reason there is a run down white castle. everytime i drive by its torture cuz only white castle i get around here from the frozen section
  9. eat one of their famous bowls and tell me thats not the most god damn delicious thing you've ever tasted
  10. KFC's aiite, but you need to try Popeyes chicken and Church's Chicken.
  11. dislike, i came in here expecting coupons i could print off for lunch tomorrow :(
  12. ive tried those other 2 once or twice i think.

    i remember churches had some awesome biscuits it was not so flaky and had a nice honey glaze

    hmmm now that i think about it i havent tried pop eyes
  13. kfc discontinued popcorn chicken. FUCK KFC
  14. the only things i like putting in my mouth are food and pussy, kfc is neither
  15. Its one of the best restaurant chain in all over the world
    i like their products too much

  16. seriously? you're advertising penny stocks on GC? what fuckin stoner invests in penny stocks?
  17. ahh man srry for the let down bro. but yea idk how but sometimes i get them in the mail.

    maybe you can try online somewhere im sure it will be worth it.
  18. ahh i know man:mad: AND they discontinued the Twister.:( it was a wrap/ burrito well more like a wrap. it was sooo good. and the Zinger sandwich i think it was called.:(
  19. Man,I had KFC for the first time today in a LONG time.I was pretty damn disappointed,I must say.

    How in the fuck you gonna call that macaroni and cheese?!

    Edit:Wait,wtf are you guys talking about?They didn't discontinue the popcorn chicken,that's what I had.Unless it's different where you guys live?
  20. yea i never liked the mac n cheese. i especially dont like them now since i am now lactose intolerant.

    hmm popcorn chicken theay are good if they were made fresh and not sitting under the heatlamp all day

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