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    I use a logitech G15. :D
  2. That first link(Microsoft 4000) is a good one, although I found the space bar is a little more noisy than I would like. Decent tactile feedback on that one, but I've found that Logitech makes a bit better keyboard for tactile response.

    My advice is to go to a computer store in your area (Best Buy, etc.) and try a few out, especially if you do a lot of typing. Ergo(split) keyboards are the best for you in the long run.
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    I'm also in the market for a new keyboard, the keys have become sticky on mine, and I cannot type nearly as fast as I should be able to.

    Edit: Just saw the second one was pretty damn cheap, $7, I think I could muster up that much money. However, I want a USB keyboard.
  4. All I gotta say is you get what you pay for. Considering how many hours you spend typing and how long the average keyboard lasts, sometimes it's worth it to spend $30 - $50 on one.

    Logitech would probably be my first choice, followed up by Microsoft. Best thing you could ever do though in picking one out is to try it out in a store first.
  5. Ya, but I have a pretty shitty computer right now. So at the time it'll probably be better just buying a cheaper keyboard than expensive. I'll post some links of what I might get in a second (right now I'm testing out firefox 3.7)
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  7. In the mean time, you can enjoy this horribly frustrating and time-consuming piece of hell. :D

    On the Start menu:
    •\tPoint to All Programs.
    •\tPoint to Accessories.
    •\tPoint to Accessibility.
    •\tSelect On-Screen Keyboard.

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