Discussion in 'General' started by KB_124, Mar 16, 2003.

  1. Ok, well this may be a well known fact, or just some strange bit of info i got from who knows where.. The arrangement of the keys on the keyboard are setup that way to make your weaker fingers type the if they arranged them so the weaker fingers type the most words back when it was invented, do all those words still hold true for now? or the future to come? will that arrangement stay the same forever?
  2. actually it's do do with arrangement of the little hammer things on typewriters- they would lock if two were pressed which were close to each other. Therefore the layout was changed so that letters which weren't normally pressed one after the other were put next to each other on the keyboard...
  3. it could change... i am sure there is a nut case out there who invented a new designed keybaord. HEY waiit a minute i ment nut case as a good thing. with out the bags of nutz we will still be live in the bronze age.

    "ZXCVBNM" when do you ever really type any of those letters in succesion? good point switch

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