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  1. I was reading through Perfekt's trip report when I came across her phrase "aura of existence". It reminded me of a key phrase that emerged in a few of my own hallucinogenic trips.... "everything... all at once!"

    I'm sure that there are others out there who come across a key phrase while they're trippin' that explains a multitude of ideas that come into a tripper's train of thought. My "everything... all at once!" was such an eye opener during this one acid trip I took back in the 80's. It explained so much of what I was questioning about Life at the time. I was so hooked on the concept that I was writing it everywhere, making posters of the phrase, and even standing in front of a mirror and repeating the phrase with a magician's wave of my hand... it explained so much for me at the time.

    So, when I saw 'aura of existence' in quotes... twice!... in that post, I knew that Perfekt had found a key phrase... at least for that trip. Anyone else come across a key phrase while they were trippin'? Something that made all the sense in the world to you? A concept so profound it seems odd that not everyone else sees it?

    Post your key phrase here.
  2. i saw the human people as a whole.

    or at least we should be as a whole, but are separated by stupid boundaries.

    this was on shrooms, not on acid though. i have yet to find acid :( but i am picking up an ounce of shrooms tonight! but that's off-topic.

    when i was on the shroom trip, i was with my girlfriend, and my good friend steve and his girlfriend. we were in steve's girlfriend's dorm in chicago. we all took half an 1/8 because i could only get a quarter. ate them with hershey's chocolate. didn't taste a thing other than the chocolate.

    when we first started tripping, i was the first to notice the colors of yoshi's island 4 changing hues, from very light to extremely dark.

    i decided to go to the bathroom and caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror when i was washing my hands.:eek:

    freaked the shit out of me.

    then, the door opened:eek: (once again) and it's STEVE! thank god.

    i would have for sure had to do some explaining to whoever happened to walk into that bathroom if it wasn't steve.

    we all talked about the togetherness of everyone and whatnot for about 3 hours. very enlightening night. woke up and didn't remember all the revelations i had the night before, but i remember enjoying myself greatly.

  3. a guy...


  4. Totally my bad! I swear, I went back over that post before I posted it to make sure that I took out all the references to gender since I wasn't sure of yours. I guess I missed one. Really sorry...:cool:
  5. When I expierienced my first trip on shrooms it was very eye opening and I learned alot. My "key phrase" was "The Breakdown" basically it was the breakdown of the world as we know it, I dont remember most of what the breakdown is but I just remember it made so much sense to me at the time.
  6. I don't know what the hell intrigued me by my own key phrase so many years ago. I know it had something to do with the concept of time and how everything happening all at once was my understanding of how It All worked. Such revelations! Such certainty about It All! And today, it's difficult for me to grasp that same feel that the phrase had that first time I uttered it. It's significance seems to have been lost in the haze of Time... :rolleyes: :cool:
  7. its all good tweech, no worries! But i hope to get some more key phrases this friday. Last time we rolled i hung one of those lights with the multi-colored holes that spins, i hung it upsidedown off the light that hangs in my dorm, and we tagged it "Flashlight man". Well see what tomorrow brings, hope its fun!

  8. So, Perfekt, can you explain the 'aura of existence' you were seeing? Sounds cool... :cool:
  9. I dunno, i wasnt really seeing it, but i felt it. Like all of them playing i could feel they were there. Like instead of me seeing them there (which i did) it was me feeling them there that made me realize they were there. It so hard to explain its kind of like my body was the determining factor on if something was real, like i didn't know if they were real until i felt that "aura of existence" was really interesting!


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