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Discussion in 'General' started by Heinous Anus, Jun 14, 2006.

  1. a fuckin' genius! I've seen all his movies many times other than, "Chasing Amy." Never seen it til just now.
    Probably his best flick ever. I once had a relationship EXACTLY like holden's. Except she wasn't a lesbian. Wow, trippy shit. Really hit home with me.

    Bravo, good sir! Bravo! :hello:


    Edit - Was anyone else really annoyed by Affleck's goatee? It was one sided. It ruined the movie! RUINED IT! ...or maybe I'm overreacting. I am.
  2. Oh yea...but I didn't want to have a threesome with my best friend. Just the first half when his chick dropped the bomb on him.

  3. Alright, I'll be back soon enough. I needs to go make sweet, sweet lovin' to my girl and tell her I love her. I be inspired!

    Also, she's so damn hot in her tank top...
  4. yeah chasing amy was a good movie. i remember the first time i saw it and silent bob did his little speech on chasing amy. my heart sank because i was dating this girl and she started telling me about her life experiences (i was rather innocent at the time). i just couldn't handle it and i stopped talking to her. she's still to this day (3 years later) the girl that i've felt closest to.
  5. I know, its a touching movie. *tear*
  6. Yes, I have not seen that, I might if you cry some more for me ;) HAHA! JOE>
  7. Yeah man, Kevin Smith is a legend. However, if you want to cry read about Jason Mewes life story. That shit is soooo sad...a perfect advert for why never to use heroin
  8. Clerks 2:

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  9. I concur!! Kevin Smith is a genius! I really hope he knocks it out of the park with Clerks II.
  10. I heard about that. Wasn't his mom really abusive that pushed him into heroin use? I don't know all of the details
  11. I heard clerks II was cancelled.
    When is it scheduled for release?
  12. fuckin a man
  13. what about kevin brown??
  14. Here -
  15. Clerks 2!!!!!
  16. Heh! I actually saw Clerks II last month at Kevin's Vulgarthon film festival and he had indeed knocked it out of the park - it's probably the funniest thing he has ever done and it has all the heart of Chasing Amy (maybe even more!).

    I actually think the trailers that are out there don't do it justice because they've managed to keep most of the actual storyline secret so far - so I won't ruin anything but you guys should love it!
  17. That's awesome! I can't wait! Thanks. :smoke:
  18. kevin smith > God

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