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Discussion in 'General' started by Adam G, Aug 2, 2002.

  1. Who else thinks they are the greatest?
  2. I would have to agree with you!!!
  3. WOW I just thaught- hmmm... lets post about jay and sbob and here I am. WOW... I just watched JASBSB.

    I like the scene in the mystery machine.

    "The only mystery here is why we take our cues from a dick in a kneckercheif."

    "Keep it up beatneck and I'll feed you to the fuckin dog!"


    "YO... You guys need to turn those frowns upside down... And I got just the thing for that. We call it... Doobie snacks."

    "Ri Ray an Rilent Rob... uh hehehehehehe."- did you know mark hamil did the voice of scoob...

    And who could forget,

    Clerks, Mallrats, Chasing Amy, and Dogma
  4. yeah hes coming out with a new movie. i believe ben afflick is the main guy..and if i remember correctly j. lopez is the girl..? i think thats right..
  5. Mallrats...THE best one...dogma was good too, it even got some media attention because it was actually a pretty good movie...

    they're coming out with another one sensimil? I thought kevin had said he was going to quit making the movies after the last one?..or maybe after this one?...hmm
  6. chasing amy wasnt to bad but must agree mall rats was great

    clerks was awful i thought..

    just my 2 cents worth

  7. he is not making anymore.

    Clerks is and always has been my favouite

    I'm not even supposed to to be here today :D

    My signature is from J&SBSB. I've guessed most of it but I couldn't think of it all. I think it will be about 90% right cus I've seen it so many times :)
  8. yeah..I wasn't down with clerks..too "student filmishy" for me....I loved the scene in mall rats when they first meet up with jay and sb and jays sliding aorund on the greasy food court floor and bangin on the kitty window....
  9. Kevin Smith films are the most entertaining and witty, he is such a dork and I feel his humor, the laughter never stops with me.

    I did think Chasing Amy had a little more potential, but it was still an excellent movie.

    But I'd have to say my favorite out of ALL of them was Mallrats. Jay & Silent Bob was hilarious, but Mallrats took the cake for me.

  10. i've only seen mallrats and Jay & Silent Bob, but when i seen mallrats it was a while ago and i wasn't a Jay & Silent Bob fan yet so i really don't remember any of it. I really want to go rent all there movies but short of cash.
  11. They are all great.

    Its like a trilogy but more.



  12. yeah...i think youre right, StarfuckerInc..thats the sounds right..good lookin out.. :) i thought i heard it right.. ;)
  13. i think each of his films has somethin enjoyable within it.......personally i liked mallrats the best wit j and sb a close far as makin movies though.......NO he is not done makin movies......he jus retired the jay and silent bob characters thas all

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