Kevin Federline with Bone Thugs-N-Harmony new video & vote!

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    I haven't heard the name Steve-O in a long time. What have I heard? I heard that Steve-O doesn't appreciate that K-Fed might be signing to Bone Thugs N Harmony. I heard that Stevie Boy has already recorded a diss song to K-Fed and is working on a remix of the song that will defecate on K-Fed's life. Steve-O will reportedly take shots at both K-Fed AND Bone on the remix! I don't know that he should do that! Like I said in my original rumor that has gone on to get picked up by tmz, Krayzie Bone might be looking to do bizness. He said to them, "We will listen to his music and if it's jumpin' off ... if we can do business ... Bone is all about doin' business. We feel like we can work with anybody and have a platinum hit ... our fan base are usually the ones who respect a man who has gone through a lot of s**t." So, now if they DO BUSINESS, Steve O is going to give them the biz! Bone and K-Fed have been seen in the streets. What next? Britney and Rah Digga doing an album together?

    Just another update on your favorite weedhead group......

    /bumps Layzie Bone's "For My Weedheads" smoke session is on....
  3. I find it very hard to believe! :mad: Btnh was great not Btnhk-fed...

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