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Kevieboys family adventure grow

Discussion in 'Hydroponic Growing' started by Kevieboy420, Dec 9, 2014.

  1. Welcome along for another grow adventure with my gc family and i. For this grow ill be trying once again to get a perpetual grow going with 2 plants for now until i expand my grow area. I grow using diy dwc bubble bucket method with 4 gallon rez tanks. I have 2 4" flat air discs per rez. 2 dual outlet air pumps. I have a 400w mars ll led grow light from i have all that in a 24"x24"x63" grow tent.

    For this grow i will be running a sweet tooth auto from barneys farm thanks to jack at the vault seeds. You rock jack 😁. And then in 4-5 weeks ill hopefully get a barneys farm pineapple express auto going. Also thanks to jack 😊. Ok so i got my seed soaking in water right now and my filter installed on my rez to filter out my tap water making it safe to grow in. Well thats all for now and ill keep updating nightly so keep an eye out for them. Also this journal is open to all talk whether its about growing or not.
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    First sub, like, and comment. :3
    I wanna see how Sweet Tooth goes. I've heard that's awesome.
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  3. noice :hello:
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  4. I'll be keeping an eye on this for sure! What kind of air pump do you use bro?

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  5. Awesome thanks for subbing lol and congrats on being first 😁.

    Im excited to grow it because i love the photo version so i hope this is just as good 😊
    Sup answer? Glad to see you here 😁
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  6. I'll check the name but simple aquariums pumps lol. I'll get back to you on that later lol.
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  7. I hope it's sexy as all hell. :3
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  8. Me too lol 😁
    Oh and this plant will be named "the don" after my uncle passed away.
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  9. Sorry to hear about that. D:
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  10. I'm in for ride kev, good luck

    Why do we call it the third eye? When really it could be the first
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  11. Subbed! Sending good vibes your way for the don to sprout and grow.  :bongin:
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  12. Thanks 😊. We were into gangster movies lol plus his name was don so i decided to name her "the don" lol 😆
    Thank you gg 😁
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  13. Oh, good reasoning behind that. :3
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  14. Thanks hddani 😊
    I thought so too 😊
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  15. I run 2 of these air pumps

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  16. Subbed! :bongin:
    I still haven't used my dwc thing I bought, seems to me that I bought a 4 gal res but only holds 2 gal? That's not big enough, is it?
    Walmart sells different size bottoms for my lid. Also has 4 holes for 3" netpots and I'm pretty damn sure you can't grow 4 mj of any sort in it.
    Maybe this journal will get me motivated to use it. :confused_2:
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  17. Thats weird lol. No if its for autos a min of 3 gallons but 5 gallons is better.

    I hope it helps you get it figured out. Theres a lot of good blades in here that help out so if you have any questions just ask away 😁.
  18. Subbed in! Cant wait! Pics pics pics!!!!

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  19. Hi

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  20. Thanks for following kent 😊. Pics of what lol?
    Hey scronce 😁

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