Kevieboys dwc with autos and cfls first grow

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  1. Ok im Kevieboy aka Kevieboy420 and this is my first grow with dwc,autos and cfls. for starters my set up is as follows;24"x24"x64" grow tent,195 cfm inline fan with carbon filter,diy cfl grow light with 4-85w(actual)6500k cfls plus 2-105w(actual)2700k cfls for flowering,im running a 4gal tote set up for 4 pots but only gonna be using 2,i also have a cool mist humidifier for small rooms, a in tent and a wireless thermometer/hydrometer,my intake is jerry rigged to my window fan using my little oscilating fan to pull in the fresh air, i have a ph meter(non calibrated) so ill be using ph strips for now with powder ph up/down,i should be getting a ppm meter soon. im on disability so this is a budget grow(please remember when giving input). i will be scuffing 2 seeds and soaking them over night to start germination tomorrow. i will be growing auto ak and short rider. the auto ak has a flowering time of 50 days so how long is veg? the short rider has 6-8wks. i will be using ghs flora duo with the lucas formula,ghs rapid growth,and possibly liquid oxygen for nutes when needed. ill decide on a booster like ghs floralicious later. well off to scuff my seeds and soaking so i can get growing. any and all input welcome as i am a noob to growing,autos,dwc and cfls.

  2. I sent you a pm btw

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    Nevermind lol my apps been fucking up today lol. Adding mylar emergency/fire blanket to the lid of my dwc to help res tank temp stay a little cooler. will that work? what light cycle should i use 20/4 or 18/6? when i turn on my light for the first time,how far away should my light be so i dont burn them?

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  4. I dunno about keeping it cooler but I wouldn't do that. Those emergency blankets are known for causing hotspots... So I've read. I've never used them so I can't say from experience.
  5. well that sucks what should i use? or nothing at all?
  6. Alright Kev ;-)

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  7. Nice to have you join the uk lads mate . Told ya there a sound bunch of lads

    "Don't quote me boy cos I ain't said shit "
  8. lets get this show on the road....subbed.............
    kev ph water 5.8 NO NUTES nd get them beans wet  :hello:  :hello:  :hello:  :hello:

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