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    Don't know if this is the right subforum for this and even less convinced anyone actually knows anything about this, but gonna try anyway.

    If someone doesn't know what ketosis is, it basically means that when you don't eat that much calories, after a few days, you aren't hugry anymore. There are complex medical details explaing this, but I'm not an expert so I don't go in to those details. But I know ketosis is real, because I once had a surgery that forced me to go on without eating for at leats 35 hours and that suppressed hunger completely.

    But I need to lose (a lot) weight and only way I can do that is probably is one of those diets that puts you in ketosis. So my question how does weed munchies affect ketosis? Do you still get munchies if your body is on ketosis? Or does ketosis means no muchies from weed?

    My overweight is a result of an alchocol addiction and that's why I need something to replace it and weed edibles seems to be the best option. Smoked/vaped high isn't even nearly strong enough and duration is way too short, so edibles is the only way. It that doesn't work, then the only other option I can think of is speed. May sound crazy but I'm open to almost any drug that is free of calories or one that's so low on calories it insignificant. Being sober 24/7 is unfeasible, I'm never going to be able to do that.
  2. good ideas, I admire your dedication to losing weight.

    one thing I have noticed when on ketosis diets is that I start getting random body pains after a few days.

    like, my feet will start to hurt when I walk. The answer is tied to the fact that the body makes seretonin from carbs.

    Seretonin is essential for pain control as well as not getting depressed. I would recommend having a small bowl of brown rice if you find yourself with unusual pain or depression. it won't blow your diet.

    I know, it will pause ketosis for a second, but you'll be ok. just be sure to eat something bland like brown rice so you don't activate dormant carb binge cravings
  3. Shouldn't be a problem. I get those anyway from excessive drinking.
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  4. ketosis doesn't depend on the consumed calories. your body will get into ketosis if you stop consuming all carbs for about 3 days or so. (some people take a week to get into ketosis).

    you can eat a whole steak and you will not stop the ketosis process, because steak is pure protein. as a matter of fact while in ketosis it's best to eat healthy fats i.e. avocados and protein.

    so when you get the munchies eat some nuts, have a chicken breast with salad, but avoid fruits and sugar. or your ketosis comes to a grinding halt and you kind of have to restart.

    if you are serious about losing weight think about the food you actually eat. clean up what you put in and you'll become healthy again.
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  5. I totally agree on cleaning what he puts in. Although 2 things.
    1)Steak also includes saturated fat so it's not 100% win-win
    2)Avoid isolated sugar, not fruit
    Lol love avocados btw
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  6. Low carb is a healthy life style choice for most of us. You should talk to a doctor so they can monitor your loss and blood counts. At least for the first few months. You want to be careful to not go in and out of ketosis, that isn't that healthy. Good luck. Make sure you take plenty of vitamin, folic acid, vitamine d3. Drink lots of water. Things will be fine if you follow a program.
  7. Okay. I don't know the mechanism behind it, but I know it works. I'm already decided to tried it, because I've tried conventional ways, but those always fails because I'm too hungry and alcohol ruins it anyway. Ketosis is the only option that might work. Not planning on using those diets the rest of my life, but long enough so the urge to eat too much disappears.

    I just don't know whether Ketosis takes away weed munchies. It might take away alcohol munchies too, but getting blasted without eating anything is a bad idea. The hangover you get from not eating anything while drinking, well - you may try it once, but you probably don't want to try it again. And you probably wouldn't be able to continue the diet next day, because you couldn't eat anything anyway.
  8. it doesn't take away munchies. .. again you can eat, just don't eat carbs.

    drinking alcohol will ruin any diet as alcohol is being used for fuel, not to mention tons of empty calories and probably carbs.
  9. if we are talking about ketosis, then eating fruit will stop it as well. any fructose will be counter productive to ketosis.

    i don't recommend eating steak all the time. :) i was referring to it as a "heavy" meal that will not interrupt ketosis
  10. About the other, more drastic drug option, speed?
    Is it really as bad as propaganda tells you. If I'm correct, it's less toxic to a human than alcohol and it has no calories, unlike alcohol? So how can it be worse than alcohol? I don't get it.
  11. When you fall into a ketosis state, your metabolic rate drops severely because you are literally not digesting as much food as prior to regular eating habits. Your body will then attempt to restore homeostasis by saving calories in burning immediate carbs (sugars) first, then break into the fat cell deposits later. The longer you can hold out without eating, the more likely you are to be able to survive hybernation-like settings where you can train your body and mind to not require as much intake to keep going. Side-effects may include drowsiness, muscle spasms, and random body aches, due to aforementioned lack of seratonin distribution that would naturally occur should you be eating regularly. Crash diets aren't the best option, imo. Proper nutrition AND+PLUS+(NOT WITHOUT) exercise is vital to reaching the set point your body is capable of maintaining.
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  12. I wouldn't go into ketosis, and if you do..don't go for prolonged periods. Low carb is a better option, but again, not a long term thing.

    I would be very cautious, you don't know what you're talking about (ketosis low calories??) and playing around with your body is not advisable. You need to be eating nutrient dense food and you gotta kick the alcohol..otherwise what's the point? You're going to get liver cirrhosis soon here anyway, and I imagine you already have fatty liver.
  13. I'm thinking about 5/2 ratio, not 24/7. Five days VLCD and two days with regular food. I can handle hunger, it's not a problem. So I decided I can still try hash/weed 1-2 times a weed. But no alcohol.

    Not just sure should I split the off-days or have both at end of the week.
  14. Workout 3 days a week and eat carbs on those days, go low/no carb for the rest.

    Just be aware that prolonged low/no carb and/or prolonged low calorie is a recipe for a low metabolic rate. Many people have screwed themselves up doing this, and it is not easy to recover from. Slow and steady wins the race.

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