Kentucky SB129 RS12 or the "Gatewood Galbriath Memorial Medical Marijuana Act"

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  1. If you are from Kentucky and support cannabis please read.

    It is very important that each and every one of you contact every one of our state representatives/legislators concerning your unanimous support of SB129 Revision 12 which states:

    SB 129/LM/CI (BR 1310) - P. Clark, D. Harper Angel, K. Stein

    AN ACT relating to medical marijuana.
    Amend and create various statutes in KRS Chapter 218A to make marijuana a schedule II drug with the limitation that a person for whom the drug has been prescribed may not possess more than five ounces per month of the drug or have under cultivation more than five marijuana plants; create a new section of KRS Chapter 315 to require the Board of Pharmacy to establish a certification program for pharmacies seeking to dispense marijuana; designate this Act as the Gatewood Galbraith Memorial Medical Marijuana Act.

    Jan 31-introduced in Senate
    Feb 2-to Judiciary (S)

    You may THINK you are doing the right thing when you say you don't agree with this but who are you to decide what someone else chooses when it comes to treating THEIR illnesses. Now I know what you are thinking,"Pots bad makes you stupid blah blah blah" but if you actually did a little research and I mean research that is currant (i.e. within the last 5-10 years) you will find we have all been lied to about cannabis and what it actually does. I should also state that I DO NOT SUPPORT RECREATIONAL USE OF CANNABIS. Let me be very clear on that as I think it should be used for illnesses not fun.(If you abuse it ,then you are no better than the crack heads and pill fiends!) For any who read the bible know that God gave us this plant to use in some way or fashion or else it wouldn't be here, so why not give it a chance?(Genesis 1:29,1 Timothy 4:1-4)

    It also just so happens that cannabis can be used for other things as well like:

    1.Food-Cannabis seeds have more essential fats and proteins than any other known plant. Take that nasty tasting soy beans!

    2.Clothing-Hemp fibers are among the strongest in the world which makes very durable clothing. Hemp clothing has a useful life span of about 50 years,cotton's usable life span is only 12-18 months.

    3. Fuel- Yes gas prices are jumping but did you know that the cannabis plant can even be made into bio-fuel? Yup and it's pretty darn efficient too.

    4.Shelter- for this one you will just have to follow the link here: The house made of hemp

    So this plant can not only help with illnesses(cannabis should only be used in edibles or a vaporizer) but it can serve as food,shelter,clothing,and fuel for our vehicles. Yet it's considered a Schedule 1 Substance which by definition straight from our governments law books is as follows:

    Schedule I Controlled Substances

    Substances in this schedule have a high potential for abuse, have no currently accepted medical use in treatment in the United States, and there is a lack of accepted safety for use of the drug or other substance under medical supervision.

    But yet Tobacco and Alcohol,both of which are addictive,cause death/severe health problems, and have no medicinal value are readily available for use. So please re-read that definition above again and think a little bit on what I've stated. Why? Well simply because every one is different and just because you don't mind taking morphine for your pain(basically heroine) or Prozac for your depression(contains Fluorine which erodes the stomach lining ) doesn't mean that I want to continue to do so. Read the list of side effects on any medicine, whether it be over the counter or by prescription only, and ask yourself,"Do I really want to chance it?" because there hasn't been a single death recorded attributed to cannabis use. :hello:
  2. Well, as much as I want Kentucky and everyone to be able to freely use cannabis for medical purposes, I have to say the remainder or your post is full of errors and frankly there's no point to it. If you're trying to get people on board with medical, why lose focus of that?

    BTW - cannabis seed "meal" taste far worse than soy beans in my opinion. Taste pretty shitty in fact. And that's bullshit about the cotton. Fuel - how about telling us just what you mean by "darn efficient"? blah blah blah
  3. unfortunately for this to pass it would have to be rescheduled to sch. II according to letter to my rep I sent, but still need people to keep contcting o they know a lot of people support it and hopefully a better bill will be brought up

  4. First let me say i comepletely agree with you on all statements other than the one listed above.
    However, based on your statement above am I to believe that you don't feel that I or anyone else "should be allowed" to use cannabis recreationally? Do you not believe in civil liberties. Or what about those who use it as a religious sacrament to gain a closer spiritual relationship with their God? Do you not believe in freedom of religion. Are they to be punished as well. Now I'm not a religious man, but I have read the bible. And it says in genesis that it is to be used for meat (food), and says nothing of medicine. I am "not" saying that it should not be used for medicine. I am simply pointing out that eating it gets you high too.
    And in regards to your "crack heads and pill fiends" remark which is not only condescending but also inacurate. How many people do you know of who would rob their family to support their cannabis habit? None I should think. There are many daily tokers who live healthy productive lives. I know because until very recently inwas one. I only quit because I am moving and will most likely be tested for employment. And I work hard and pay my bills and take care of my children. So please try to be a little more accepting in the future. Especially in blog on a site called grasscity wher I'll bet ther are lots of recreational users. Thank you for your time.
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    I honestly think its medicine so to let it be sold in a liquor store or Walmart would be kind of degrading. If you want to grow your own and medicate as needed that's fine but if you let money hungry corporate ass holes have access to it they'd ruin it. As far as the fuel its just as efficient as e85 and the info on the cotton was pulled from a cotton care guide so I guess fuck me. As far as the pill addict remarks I feel since I've over came that problem personally I can be as condescending as I want its a terrible habit. If full on legalization was possible I'd be fine with it but medically is the only way it usually can pass. Do as you will with this plant as it was a gift meant for peace. That was the message but it was missed because pointing out my flaws is so much easier than listing to the whole gist of my message.
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    And yes you can abuse cannabis and to do so is sort of disrespectful (by abuse I mean smoke or use to the point that you are useless). I've lost a few to cancer and I have a friend who is in remission now,very hopeful that this bill passes cause cannabis has helped him before. If I've oftener anyone I'm sorry that wasn't the intent.
  7. @ Tebin
    I sincerely appologise if I made you feel as though I was only pointing out your flaws. That was not the case. I just wanted you to understand that recreational use isn't necessarily abuse. I do believe it can be abused. Just as anything can be abused. And maybe I misunderstood what you were saying. Also I don't want you to feel like that was a personal attack. There are just so many small minded people out there who will call you an addict for using marijuana while they take their ambien while smoking a cigarette and and drinking a gin and tonic.
  8. Finally someone who gets it.

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