kentucky MMJ and its laws

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  1.  I come from the beautiful state of Kentucky.  We have some of the prettiest scenery ranging from gently rolling hills, the bluegrass fields of central Kentucky, to the historical Appalachian mountain ranges in eastern Kentucky.  We also are one of the world's largest producers of high concentrated alcohol beverages known as Bourbon: Jim Beam, Wild Turkey, Makers Mark, ect.  Another fact aboutKentucky is that we have one of the countries toughest and strictest marijuana law programs in the nation.
    \n  Kentucky is on the tail end of the train when it comes to the MMJ and legalization movement.  We have seen some small progress this year in 2014.  A few bills were brought to legislation this year but sadly failed.  We did win one bill that allowed for the use of extracts containing high CBD low THC which has proven to be highly effective in treating patients with severe forms of epilepsy.  But I've not heard of anyone of actually getting access to this treatment option yet.  
    \n  We also got the legalization of HEMP to now be allowed to grow in Kentucky.  Which was criminalized back in 1937 by the Prohibitive Marijuana Tax Law.  Hemp was criminalized in the first place because it rivaled large billion dollar enterprises in their synthetic fiber production.  Hemp fiber is one of the strongest natural fibers in the world. Hemp also has all kinds of other applications as well such as paper, oil, plastics, clothes, linens, i mean i could go on and on.    
    \n  This year in 2014 Colorado expects to get $98 million in tax revenues.  This year that  money is going to school systems.  The Marijuana industry is also supplying people with jobs, and giving entrepreneurs a chance to actually make it in an industry where this would not be the case otherwise.  Kentucky is in dire need for this industry.  We need the jobs, the opportunities, and the cash flow to come to our state.  The unemployment rate is high in Kentucky and this is an industry that we could cash in on making it better for our economies and our communities.
    \n  I will be completely honest.  I am a 110% healthy person.  I have no diseases, no chronic pain, nothing.  I just love to chill out, listen to some music, and smoke some high quality marijuana that i grow myself and love growing and there isn't  a damn thing wrong with that.  I think it is absolutely absurd and downright hypocritical that we are the main producers of strong liquor that cause's 1000's of deaths each year in America and our state is refusing to allow people the use of medical and recreational marijuana.  1000's of years of use and not one documented death caused by marijuana.  Something that brings joy to people's lives and helps them with there illnesses.  It's just sickening to think about
    \n  The problem I think with Kentucky is that people are just misinformed and uneducated about the subject.  This is mainly from government paid propaganda over the years.  I am very passionate about this subject and urge anyone that reads this to help me spread the word in Kentucky or any state that is dealing with this.  Get out there. Spread the word.  Enlighten people.  Nothing can happen unless we do it ourselves.  We have the ability to change legislature.  We just have to band together and do it.        


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