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Kentucky Headies [HQ Pics]

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by Hopkins, Jul 12, 2009.

  1. Just picked up an eighth of some headies from a new connect. $60/eighth but a friend payed for it and gave the rest to me. Smells amazing, sweet and skunky at the same time. Smokes great, gets me and my friends really stoned. Has a nice energetic high with the perfect mix of body numbness and just an overall great feeling. Pleasant comedown too, hands down dopest dope i've ever smoked. Tastes great out of my new Iolite also.

    Pics taken with new Canon Rebel XSi






  2. dude, im from ky too and have bud that looks just like, i love it!:smoke:
  3. yeah man it's great, what area you in
  4. hey whats going on man ... You know were sumerset is I visit family alot there but i usually bring my own dank with me ha but looks good
  5. Good to see KY has some decent nug. I might have to be living their for a couple of months. I'll be living in Versailles.
  6. WTF is "headies" lol

    thats a mid-potency sativa with names like Grape Ape or Kali Mist at the co-ops

    just my .02
  7. another term for dank or chronic or whatever. thanks for the replies
  8. GOT DAMN. I live in KY, and there is NO WEED AVAILABLE FOR PURCHASE at the moment in my area.
  9. #9 Set the Ray to Jerry, Jul 14, 2009
    Last edited by a moderator: Jul 14, 2009
    Hope you bring some good luck, unless you already have a connection. Versailles isn't going to have anything, and no one in lexington talks.

    This is basically all it is, and we get charged $50 an 1/8th for it. You build a tolerance to it in fucking minutes it seems. I've had some people ask me $60.

    Fucking truth. WTF?
  10. yeah, outrageous prices for what it is, but oh well. my people are never dry, must be a regional thing though. 60 is the average price for me also, smokes good though but not worth 60.
  11. I wonder if this has any sort of name? It looks like your getting the select buds, if I get a batch I might have 5 that look that good.

    Take er easy,
  12. good shit neighbor! (i'm in illinois lol)
  13. I was told this was White Rhino, but I highly doubt it. Have a harvest of legit White Widow coming in 2 weeks :smoking:
  14. Lol i love the Pinaplle Express quote.
  15. Damn, wish that kinda bud was floatin around this part of KY.

  16. haha finally someone noticed, best movie ever. keep the comments comming
  17. haha saul is hilarious
  18. never seen anything like that in the 502, would welcome it with open arms though.
  19. yeah man its some good smoke, a nice change from the normal mids or schwag

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