Kentucky Flatbud

Discussion in 'General' started by IceCreamKidd, May 15, 2002.

  1. I went on a 2 week venture to southern Kentucky and found that, yes I was able to hook up the herb. Seedy, flat and not good at all. I am used to fluffy nice buds from BC and other west coast orgins. I can only think what a lot of people are missing in good fresh green buds. There is a difference.

    I along with the fiance also took this as an oppurtunity to smoke with her mom and step dad. Fun in the country. =)

  2. Glad ya'll had a good trip!! :D:

    Too bad the Herb sucked, but cool that you got to smoke with your Lady's parents.It's soooo cool not to have to "hide" you token' activities!! Did they know you smoked before the trip? :smoking:
  3. from my experience in KY, they smoke all the good stuff and sell the shitweed to tourist. LOL
  4. my friend from KC was pissed off at the lack of KB in his area....i sent him sum west coast ish....never happier lol
  5. I dont know if they 'confirmed knew' that we smoked pot. But they do now, we told them of the great west coast herb and the joy we felt having just recieved our medicinal priviledges. Still they dont have the fluffy stuff we have here. =)

  6. excuse me sir, your bear is sick
  7. Gonna Bump this as its the oldest Thread ive happened to come across on Here by far.
  8. woh. flashbacks
  9. Holy fuck almost 10 years ago
  10. I was in like 8th grade when this thread was made

    Holy SHIT!

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