Kents Second grow, this time Auto

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    So here is my Second Grow!
    Welcome back to my subs from my last one and a big welcome to anyone new.

    I'm Growing these;

    Dark Devil(Auto)
    Beeder: Sweet Seeds
    Genetics: Sweet Seeds Big Devil XL x Buddha Seeds R+D Pakistani Hindu Kush

    Breeder: Dinafem Seeds
    Genetics: Dinamex ((California Orange x Sour Diesel x Mexican Sativa) x Emerald OG Kush) X Haze 2.0 Auto

    Auto Pink Diesel X Amnesia(Auto)
    Breeder: Seedsman
    Genetics: Auto Pink Diesel x Amnesia (Duh)

    I'm growing all 3 in a NFT System.

    VitaLink Grow + Bloom
    VitaLink Flures
    VitaLink Flush
    ShoGun Silicone
    Canna PK 13/14
    GHE Ripen

    125w CFL Bulbs
    1x blue
    1x red
    Will be updateing to 250w CFL with a second hood. Making 375w total!

    So here is where I am now… just waiting!
  2. I'm in kent, I wanna see that dark devil

    Why do we call it the third eye? When really it could be the first
  3. Dont think the dinamex will?
    Realy counting on the dark devil turning!
    Is it a trait of pink diesel? That would look good in the tent!

    second grow:,-this-time-Auto!
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  5. I'm in wanna see how these strains turn out. Only cfl light?

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  6. I'm in, Kent. I'm starting my own journal for the pink diesel autos, too! Sounds like a grow off....although mine have already sprouted it will be nice to be able to compare.
  7. Yea i got heat paranoia! Worried it will get too hot and with the feds!
    Was very impressed with my last grow under just 125w!

    Your on! What lights you use?

    second grow:,-this-time-Auto!
  8. Subbed good luck Kent!
  9. It's amazing how them white tap roots can bring so much joy hahahaha

    Why do we call it the third eye? When really it could be the first
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  11. Damb you!!!! 2.5cm! Snaped bout 3mm off one!
    Good news is that the dinamex has poped too! Only 3mm but it will catch up!

    second grow:,-this-time-Auto!

    legalise, standardise, regulate, re-educate and tax-ate... it!
  12. How did you snap it? Oh man will that still grow propa?

    Why do we call it the third eye? When really it could be the first

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