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Kenny's Gone Scroggin!!!

Discussion in 'Indoor Grow Journals' started by kenny357, Mar 16, 2013.

  1. What time is it Kenny?
    Harvest pics time :metal:
    Don't hold out.

  2. That new siggy GG! DAYUM! I apologize for my absence. It's been kind of wild in my life lately and I really haven't been on the computer that much. I'm hoping that everything mellows out soon and I can get back to doing some updates. I still have 6 beauties in veg and they're getting pretty big. I'm real anxious to start flower but it looks like it may still be another month. Hopefully they will be thrown into flower about the same time life slows down a little. I've missed all you guys and watching your grows but be assured I haven't forgotten. Summer will be over soon. Hope everyone is well and growing! Until then, take care and happy growing. 
  3. You take care as well man.
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    Good deal Kenny. If its busy, I hope its productive bro. Be safe and see you soon.
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    Yea stay safe and sane brother. Keep your head till down until you don't need to.
    shake it 
  6. Ride the Wave Brother !!!
  7. Alright guys we're having a moving party this weekend! Pics coming next week of my seriously over vegged ladies! It's been a rough one for them the past month. Had to keep them in my Jeep for a couple of days until I found a spot to keep them. Then they had to go outside so they started flower last week. They're bouncing back from the stress pretty well and in 2 days they will be put in their permanent home under I'm hoping 2400 watts. I've got a room this time so the plan is to use it! lol I'll start catching up on some threads soon too. I've been wondering how everyone's doing. Keep your eyes open, ya'll are going to shit when you see these! lol
  8. Preparing shit mode. Shit mode preparation complete. Commence shitting material now...
  9. Good to see you back in stride Kenny!
  10. ImageUploadedByGrasscity Forum1379606386.155485.jpg ImageUploadedByGrasscity Forum1379606401.096065.jpg
    We're having a little trouble getting the Internet up but I've got my room up and running! There's a closet behind where you see the wiring going. That's where I'm going to set up a veg room. Normally my plants are not this big so I imagine I've got plenty of room now. I've got 2 lights up and the plan is to hang 2 more.
  11. The girls survived in the Jeep excellent! Hey sometime you gotta live out of your car ;)
    2400 watts sweet. You can get some serious production under that wattage. Glad to see you settling back in Holmes.
    Geez how did I miss this? Good to see your back on track mate, hanging for some pics.
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    They are absolutely loving their new environment! I fed them last night and they loved it. I was halfway expecting them to stress but they didn't at all. Nothing but thanks from these beauties! Hope all y'all have a great weekend!!
  14. Looks like a successful move man.
  15. Welcome to the show Grow2Dab! I'm letting these girls go without a screen. I was able to hold them down pretty good and got some decent bushes. I haven't figured out for sure if I'm scroggin the next one or not yet. I've got plenty of time. I may try to run perpetual in smaller pots too. Got a lot to think about with the new room. I took clones this morning so say a little prayer for them. lol They are somewhere around 3 weeks into flower. I decided it would be worth it to try to clone them before dealing with the headache of purchasing clones or popping more seeds. I went all out with the dreaded rockwool, heating mat, gel, phed water and superthrive. I throw up some pics later. The good thing is I only need 12 out of the 66 I planted to live. I'd say the odds pretty decent. 
  16. You planted 66 clones? That's a lot of rockwool cubes lol! Superthrive is good. It's like Rapid Start and will help those roots.
    Are you using any clone gels like Clonex?
  17. I'm using Olivia's. 
  18. Hmm Olivias is less than half price of Clonex. You think the stuff works alright?
  19. I don't have much to compare it to. I actually think it might be part of my issue recently taking clones. I'm almost out so I'll be purchasing clonex next time. 
    Gotcha. I think I only ever had 2 clones that didn't make it and I've used clonex from the beginning.  I was also told that these clone solutions only have a 6 month shelf life before you need to buy another bottle. Im on month 9 with this bottle and it is still working :devious:

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