Kenny vs. Spenny

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  1. this show was on comedy central last winterish really late, i never really got to watch it. its about two guys living together who do random challenges with the loser having to endure a "humiliation" (its all real). anyway it was recently re-aired on comedy centrals secret stash, which means it was the uncut episodes. im not sure if anyone saw these episodes or saw them previously but its a funny show. id like to explain more but i taped like 4 episodes, im watching the torture one right now, they stuck hot dogs up their asses and stuff, haha.
  2. i caught it the other night and i thought it was real dumb.
  3. kenny vs. spenny = fail
  4. spenny definetly sucks dick
  5. One of my favorite shows! You really gotta get "into" though to like it, like I watched it from the beginning and the characters are developed and you develope with them and its really nice
  6. pretty lame i think
  7. 2 of my friends just love that show, I have weird humor level but I think this show sucks big time, not funny, just lame crap, setup, typical, expected.

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