Kenan and Kel

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  1. What a great show.

    We got baked and watched 2 episodes of it.

    Amazing? Yes.

    Ever-so-slightly racist at times, but still, amazing.

    They need to bring back all the shows I watched when I was a little kid.

  2. hell yeah

    bring back the OLD nickleodian that made you create and explore, not all this half-assed equality and manners bullshit
  3. hell yea i loved that show, it was so sad when one of them moved away at the end, but damn i miss that show, they dont make em like that anymore

    whooooooo loves orange soda?
  4. dude remember the end of every episode theyd be like

    meet in 5 minutes on the roof ith a squirrel some duct tape and a squeegie!

    random each time
  5. Hahaha hell yeah.

    And then Kel goes


    That shit had me bustin out laughin..

    And have any of you ever realized how hilarious Kenan's dad is?

    And even more awesome, I forgot Coolio sung the theme song.
  6. "kel looves orange soda!"

    lolz! i grabbed some orange soda *sun pop* the other day and the entire show basically ran thru my head...devious nvr heard of it tho..but hes almost 10 years older than its understandable

  7. yes i do. i do, i do, i do-ooo!
  8. well i love orange soda 2
  9. i havent seen that show since i was like 4
  10. whoooooo loves orange soda?!
  11. haha yeah keenan and kel was the shitt !
    i havent seen it in so longg
    i watched it almost every day as a young'n
  12. haha yall are bringin back childhood memories. What was the movie they did with the hamburgers>
  13. Welcome to goodburger, home of the goodburger, can I take your order?
  14. I did it i dropped the screw in the tuna!!!
  15. Nickelodeon in like...say...1995 was the FUCKING SHIT.

    Kids shows all suck these originality since Spongebob Squarepants. Even my mom thinks the shows suck these days and she watched all those old shows with me and my sis when we were young.

  16. Seriously ill name off some bad ass shows that should create some nostalgia

    Kenan and kel
    are you afraid of the dark
    all that
    angry beavers
    uhh I can't really think of any others theres tons tho

    oh yea Ren and stimpy. That show is the shit seriously. So awesome to watch on acid or at least baked. classic
  17. bumpity bump bump. :devious:
  18. GoodBurger

  19. Wow, I haven't seen this show since it was on Nick. I miss it, along will all old school nick shows =[

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