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  1. In my experience, which is rather extensive, I would have to totally disagree with these so called guides. Currently I have a 90-95% success rate for the most part, and this is not like a strain specific trait (taking clipping from tops of mother plants) Currently, my mothers include Afgahni, Pineapple, Rene, Nebula, Pot of Gold, S.A.G.E, and a few other mystery strains which have all been cloned with great success. To tell you the truth, the clippings taken from the bottom of the plant, since I would tend to believe they are relativley new vegetation and thus, IMMATURE. What I would suggest is posting a picture showing your mother, and an example of how you take the cutting. As well, need to know the nutrient solution you are using eg)0-5-0 = N-P-K ratio. As well, how long are the clipings roughly?? How many nodes do u "keep" on the clipping? How big are the fan leaves generally when making those cuts, and how many leaves do u leave on the clipping? Do you cut at a 45 degree angle? Do u scathe the clipping a couple centemetres above the cut? Do provide your rooting medium with a good supply of nutrients?? B1 being the most important element in this initial phase. Here is the skinny on my operation - I utlize rockwool as my cloning medium - I soke these cubes in a B1 rich solution as well little bit of other food - I let them soak for about a day on average - as well, what is the PH of the water you are using to water at first? I recommend a PH of around 6. I take cliipings as described above (45 degree cut, scathe, dip in root gel) then insert clipping into pre-made hole in rockwool. After Ive made all babies, I cover with hydrodome (can be obtained at most grow stores, they are a black pan-like piece of plastic (black to shield roots from light) and have clear plastic dome that rests on top) I provide "filtered light" for the first day or two (filtered = not directly under lights - of course this depends on type of light being used - but best to do anyway) after under dome for about a day, I release stagnant, moisture rich air from inside the dome, and replenish with fresh air, then cover. Do this once a day for first couple, then more frequently as days pass. Eventually, removing the dome altogether. Once dome is removed, keep close eye on babies to see if they start to droop - if they start to, reapply the dome to make them perk back up, leave dome on, and use best judgement from there.
    So, what do you think about your "guides" now?? =P
    I would suggest using this "guide" as opposed to whatever it is that you are reading now. It has proven extremely successfull for me, and if followed, I imagine you will experience similair results
    This was orignally posted in response to a question.
    Any revisions, suggestions, enhancements, recommendations, alterations, alternate methods, ideas and thoughts are welcome and appreciated.
  2. where do you get root gel? ive used the powder but it sucked and i never got it to work.
  3. You dip the clone in water first b4 you diped it into the powder?
  4. this guide is the exact same as all the others...did u even bother to read them?
  5. I posted this because I kept seeing cloning questions - wether it is similair to other guides or not, I really dont care, this is what works for me, and I felt like sharing that which has given me so much success, read it, dont, do what you like.

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