Kellogg boycott all the way to CNN baby!

Discussion in 'General' started by Matticus, Feb 12, 2009.

  1. Some national recognition and another positive pot piece in the media, this time about the hypocrisy of Kellogg in regards to marijuana.

  2. videos dead! nooooo i want to see that bad
  3. Gotta say that didn't go to bad :smoking:
  4. haha..certainly a good peice on cnn

    but that double standard pisses me off..lets punish the guy who could possibly hinder his athletitiscm by smoking weed..and not do a damn thing to the guy who takes drugs to speciafially to enhance his gameplay

  5. Discrimination.
  6. Try again... it seems to be working on my end.

    Maybe it's taking a longer time to load than normal.
  7. +rep, nice video. I'm really glad that this kind of stuff is making its way to larger media organizations. More and more people are beginning to see through the bullshit.
  8. i seen this in the morning. i turned on cnn to see what was going on with the economy and they started talking about the kellogg boycott.

    I'm happy it got on to cnn. I was afraid it was only going to be on the internet and not really catch on. But its publicly known that were making a stand, its great.

    its another step closer to winning the war
  9. You'd think news anchors could speak a bit clearer..........

  10. Must have been hittin' the bong too.
  11. It seems like most news anchors I've seen are in favor of legalization.
  12. good! they make crappy cerial anyway...*waits for a stoned stoner with a bowl of fruitloops to freak out*

  13. HAHAHAHAHA, damn, that honestly fucked my shit up for a second, not even eating Anything.

    Good buds.....
  14. i knew some guys named snap, crackle, and pop, they were drug dealers!
  15. haha good, itd be funny if the whole world boycotted that shit and they went bankrupt. that would display our true power and the govt would shit their pants like an infant :devious:

  16. ...stoned?

    I'd sure as hell have to be to work there.
  17. Dude that black guy looked stoned off his dome :D
  18. I'm not really sure how much a boycott will do. I mean sure, there's plenty of stoners that eat kellogs who might decide not to from now on, but I think most of the Kellog's customers are a little less interested in weed and a lot more interested Saturday morning cartoons.

  19. i think you're part of the problem, not the solution
  20. Because I don't think one spot on CNN is going to bring Kellogs to it's knees? I'm not trying to ruin your guy's moods, and I hope it does have an impact, but I always hear about boycotts like these on other forums and they don't seem to take off. This one in particular seems a little unlikely to me, because the people protesting aren't the main customers of the product.(I could be wrong tho, maybe there's more adults that eat kellogs than I thought)

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