keller williams

Discussion in 'Music genres, Bands and Artists' started by deadphish46, Mar 29, 2004.

  1. anyone else listen to him? how are his live shows, im going saturday
  2. yea he is amazing i have only seen him twice but each time he gets better. his live shows are freaking amazing trust me i could not stop dancing i really tried and couldnt. i love that guy. you are gonna have a great time
  3. right on bro tell us what you think - keller rocks
  4. oh i think hes awesome, ive been listening to him for awhile, just had yet to catch a show...but i'll let ya know how it is
  5. oh yea so the show...effin, got all i expected and more (i wasnt even stoned either)

    and the dude that opened, martin damn good too

    fave. part was when during freeker, during the line 'coming from the left and the right' the sound came once from the left and once from the right speaker...and then he started whistling the andy griffith theme

    and the fillmore in denver has purple chandeliers, so he asked the light guys to turn everything off 'but the purple chandeliers' and he told everyone to turn to the soundboard, and this guy rose up and started playing trumpet! it was so awesome

    sorry for the time ever

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