keller williams...??

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  1. anyone like keller williams? he's done stuff with the string cheese incident.. i probably started a thread about him last year but ah hell i forget!

    anyway, he is pretty interesting and he's coming to santa cruz/san francisco/petaluma area.. we're going to the petaluma show just for an excuse to go see purty petaluma...

    but yeah back on track here! *ahem* okay... go check him out, his music makes me want to dance all the time! :)

    he's touring a few places i understand, and he's definitely entertaining. he beatboxes and plays acoustic guitar and has amusingly fun lyrics...

    very cool.
  2. holy shit i am listening to freeker by the speaker right now and i am going to see him feb.22. he is great
  3. no clue who that is but anyways . . .

    here is my fat cat hogging my seat.

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  4. Keller Williams is cool. Might be seeing him this weekend.

    Cool fat cat man. Oh yeah, and really cool lesbian pic on your computer. :D
  5. yea man hes great
  6. yah man, he is coming to south carolina in 3 weeks. cant wait. i have only heard a little bit of his stuff, and it makes me wanna go fcukin' crazy, i love it. dance dance dance

  7. I think Keller Williams is one of the most underrated musicians in the business. His skill with the acoustic guitar is truly mindblowing, and his "one-man-band" shows that his imagination can and does go places where no man has dared to go. I watched a workshop last year with him and Larry Keel. I loved the music interaction between them two, and Keller is very open to musical ideas and adapts very quickly to any style. He's my favorite musician right now, so I may be a bit biased. All IMHO.

  8. yes i am gonna se him tonight. hell yea
  9. my god it was a great show. i love going to shows man. if keller is coming to your townor nywhere near it go see him. he is so cool
  10. march 2nd baby

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