Keith Olbermann Neuters Bill O'Reilly

Discussion in 'General' started by highinhouston, Jun 3, 2006.

  1. Hah that guy is pissed.

    I'm glad i don't get Fox News
  2. wow man, insane shit, that was wiggy while stoned :p
  3. Hahahah Bill Oreilly sucks.
  4. Keith does that crap all the time. Sorry but keith is a liberal joke, nothing more. He doesn't get any of his facts straight and he pretty much makes a habbit of calling out someone from Fox News in everyone of his segments. He didn't call out shit. MSNBC as a whole sucks ass as a news network, theres a reaosn why Fox News has more rating than CBS, CNN and MSNBC COMBINED, its because CBS, CNN, and MSNBC are nothing more than liberal media outlets.

    If you want to see ownings, look for O'Reily vs Keith, or O'Reily vs Blitzer, both Blitzer and Keith make themselves look like complete asses on live television.
  5. Yeah the spin on Fox is incredible. On memorial day I checked it out and if you remember that was the day we drove a truck into a car in Afghanistan and accidentally killed some civilians. Well the crowd got pissed and threw rocks at us, etc. They were protesting our being there in their country. I found all this news on the internet.

    So FOX News gives it about 5 seconds and says there were protests against forgeiners in Afghanistan today. And then some quick comment about how the crowd dispersed after a while.. and that was all they said.

    No killing of civilians, no anti US protests (which is exactly what they were). It sounded like a traffic report about a small fender bender that's slowing things down on the highway. It's not the truth at all.

    It's not news- it's marketing.. and THAT is downright scary. :smoking:
  6. I'm watchin keith every night. I'm watchin right now! Hamburglar, i find it interesting that fox news is the only major news station that is "fair" and cbs, cnn and msnbc are all liberal outlets
  7. I didn't say fox news was fair, there sure as hell is a lot of segments on fox news I hate (like that one bitch, Kimberly something... she is convinced and is trying to convince her viewers all the duke lacross kids are guilty, hate that horse shit.) Just saying CNN NEVER shows a conservated point of view, its nothing but against Bush and pretty much anything that happens is Bush's fault as well. CBS, well what I see is what I interpret, I don't watch CBS at all really except for their "headline commercials". And MSNBC, well most of the time I turn on at night they're already playing the prison series thing.
  8. MSNBC is just as dumb as Fox news. Frankly if i'm gonna watch the news, I dont what to hear about all the mistakes other reporters made, I want to hear about NEWS.

    Fuck Keith Oberman, and Fuck bill O'reilly, and Fuck Fox, and Fuck MSNBC, they contribute nothing to our world, all they do is make money with pop stories and rediculous debates.

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