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  1. Custom Attic Closet: 6'W X 5'H X 3'D. Split into two rooms, one veg, one flower.
    Seeds: Nirvana Indoor Mix / AK-48 / Random bagseed
    Veg: T5 18/6
    Flower: 400W HPS
    Soil: FFOF - Solo cups seedling / 3 Gal growbags
    Nutes: Floranova Bloom for flowering. Considering another budding supplement to go with it. (Advice here welcomed with open arms.)

    Been lurking around for a while now, absorbing as much information as I could. Decided it is time to throw my hat in the ring.

    Using some small fans for now for air replenishment since heat won't be a factor until I fire up the HPS for the first batch of flowering. (2X 120mm 12V DC fans, plus some small PC fans I robbed from some old PC cases.) Will be upgrading to a larger ventilation system very very soon.

    Initially used mylar spa blankets (freebies from work,) but I was not happy with them. It was cumbersome, sloppy, and cost me a significant amount of real estate on the floor. Changed to Reflectix insulation. (two birds with one stone) This is much cleaner and neater.

    Germed seeds, moved into rockwool starter cubes, sprouts moved to Solo starter cups. At this point, got 6 seedlings, with 8 more popped seeds waiting to sprout. Seedlings are 2 days old.

    Thanks for looking

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  2. saw your post in absolute beginners. nice setup! Sub'd!
  3. Nice set up. Wish I had the money and space for something this big.
  4. How do you keep the temperature down in the winter. I live in a very cold climate and I am worried the weather will kill my plants
  5. I'm going to assume you meant keep the temps UP? My attic warms up easily from the sun, even in the dead of winter. So it's not too much of a huge concern for me. I insulated my box well, and have a small space heater inside each chamber to keep the temps regulated.
  6. nice.. i'll check in and see how things are going. good luck.
  7. [quote name='"KeiserSoze"']

    I'm going to assume you meant keep the temps UP? My attic warms up easily from the sun, even in the dead of winter. So it's not too much of a huge concern for me. I insulated my box well, and have a small space heater inside each chamber to keep the temps regulated.[/quote]

    Yes I meant up. Don't know what I was thinking
  8. looking good, my attic has to many pest and germs up there to grow in, or eles i would have my cloning room up there.
  9. Lots of spiders where I live, so I don't anticipate too many pests. Probably the one time you will ever hear me speak positively about spiders :eek:
  10. Haven't had any luck with my AK-48 seeds :(
    8 Germed - 0 sprouts
    I suspect that maybe my warming mat is making things a little too hot?
    My other Nirvana Mix seeds didn't seem to have a problem with it. All the sprouts I have (6 pictured) were started using the exact same method, exact same warming mat. O well.

    Got some more bagseeds germing now for back up.

    Day 9 for these sprouts:

    3 doing really well. 3 a little behind the others, but no problems thus far.

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  11. Day 13:

    Upped my temps from 68 - 72 F to 78 - 80F

    Had small, but noticeable, burst of growth in the last 3 days. Whether that's due to the temp change or if it's just natural remains to be seen.

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  12. awesome work there Keiser!

    i have plans to do something similar to this in my attic (see my recent posts in my thread in my sig for the info) and i too will be running probably 7-9 months of growing in the attic and 3-5 months of down-time during summer

    my room will probably end up being about 4.5' x 4.5' x the height of my attic (probably 5', haven't gone up to do the measurements yet) and i'll be running a 3x3 ScrOG in there with the odd plant lying around beside the screen getting some residual light and growing into a tree rather than trained into the screen

    i probably wont have a veg room up there initially though as i ahve my other two grow rooms that i can use for veg (the PC case will probably be more likely at this point, but i do have that little 2x2 cupboard i bought a while ago, maybe that could be veg)

    anyway, i'm totally following this grow, keep it up
  13. Day 18:

    Everything is looking good. 4 of my original 6 are going strong. The other 2 are still looking good as well. Some interesting developments with some popped seeds I had just about given up on. Noticed that one of my AK48 seeds actually started to sprout. I don't think it will survive tho (Last pic). 2 of my bagseeds that I had also given up on sprouted as well. Funny thing is, they pushed up on my birthday! We have the same birthday! :p Nice little surprise.

    Anyway, gonna transplant my stronger babies tomorrow into 3 gal growbags. Once they are established and a node or two taller, I will start topping and LST.

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  14. Transplant complete. Amazing how the roots had already begun to circle the walls of the solo cups....

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  15. Day 21:

    Well, as expected, my AK48 did its best, but could not take off. Big flop that 10 pack turned out to be. :mad:

    O well, concentrate on the good ones. The 4 healthy plants are already starting to take off. Maybe another few days and they will be ready to top.


    My healthiest one:


    Transplanted my 2 weak babies. They have started to take a bit of a turn to the dark side. :( Maybe due to the constraints of the solo cup? Their roots were expanded a lot more than I expected. Just gotta let em go in the new bags and see what happens.


    The two bagseed seedlings are plugging along. One looks like it may fade out as well. Got some NL seeds due to arrive this afternoon. I plan on staggering out my current plants and these NL's so that I can have 4-6 ready to transplant to flower as my seedlings start to mature enough to start their lives in veg. If all works out the way I would like, I could have 3 total grow cycles by the time the attic is too hot to use anymore. (Fingers crossed.)

  16. looking good, i'm currently putting the floor down in my attic, i wont be growing up there until march/april but i'm getting everything together and ready in the mean time

    i'll have some pictures up later tonight

    i doint want to be disorganised when grow time comes aroiund

    sorry about spelling also, i'm wqearing gloves :D

    youir plants are looking really good there, keep it up
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    Day 23:

    I honestly hadn't planned on doing updates so frequently, but I just can't help but get excited about the growth I'm seeing in these 2 day increments.

    Looking good



    New growth on the weak ones looks great. (Even though it's a bad pic...)


    Bagseeds: One is definitely not gonna make it :( Can you guess which one? :p


  18. looking good there keiser, when are you planning to top them if at all?

    i wouldn't automatically write those ones not doing much off, they can surprise you occasionally, i've had seeds come up weeks after germinating, have a bit of faith :)

    come check out my grow if you get a sec, just put up some bud porn :D
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    Gonna top them in just a couple days. I want this most recent node to be just a touch stronger b4 I go to chopping it. And that seedling that's dying germed and sprouted already.... It came up and was right in line with it's sibling. It's on it's way out :(
  20. :hello: Looking GREAT!!!::

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