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Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by "Deuce", Apr 4, 2006.

  1. I have graded about 10-15 grams in my herb grinder and have a good amount of keif. Should I just sprinkle it on top of a bowl next time i hit my pipe? How do i need to smoke it to get the highest high I can get?
  2. yeah i usually just sprinkle it on top, or if you have a pipe with a small enough hole or a screen you can just smoke a whole bowl of keif.

  3. What he says ^^
  4. Load a huge bowl, and put one layer of keif/kief near the bottom, one in the middle and one on top of it all.
  5. If I were to smoke a gram of hash, how many normal grams of bud would I have to smoke to get just as high?
  6. IMHO keif/hash takes me to a diff place than bud... keif is like the clearest high where i cant feel the weight of my high in my head at all, but my mind is totally high as hell... the more i smoke bud, the foggier my head gets... keif doesn't get my head foggy. weird answer... sry im totally in the fog :smoke: peace
  7. What I do to get just like spaceshot ripped is to pack a bowl, and then pack like a 1mm of keif evenly over top, that will destroy you. Or you could just pack some bowls and sprinkle it on top aswell, that way each bowl has a little more kick to it. I prefer to just use the first method.
  8. edit: i just suggested the iron method without realizing someone linked to it

    keef+hash= kash

    i bought an 8th last week, ground it all up, and then made a kash rock the size of a quarter; ive been thinking about packing it in a grav and clearing it all in one rip lol.
  9. I'm seriously considering turning all my kif into canna-butter and making some
    brownies at the end of the month. I'm kinda getting tired of hash right now. It
    never lasts long enough with how much I get each month.
  10. or do like this, get a whole line of kief, (length of a blunt,) put some fine bud, sprinkle the kief, roll her good, smoke her get high

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