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  1. Not sure where to post this but since my grow is an outtie not an innie I'll put it here. Please correct me if I am wrong but keif is just the collected trychs without any plant matter right? How does one collect them? Can you make keif from all the trimmings? I assume that taking trychs from the buds for keif purposes will lessen the potency of the buds. Any tidbits of knowhow are appreciated. Thanks.
  2. Yes, it can be taken from all trimmings.

    Some use Isopropyl alcohol, some use butane...there's a bunch of processes for extracting THC.

    As for the can grind them as you smoke them to get kief...but I'd just throw all your popcorn buds/undesirable buds into a tube and make yourself some BHO.

    If you need more info on BHO let me know.
  3. All I know is at a wedding this weekend someone sprinkled keif from some dank herb ontop of a bowl of said herb and I took one rip and got dizzy. It almost scared me,well, almost. I was hoping there was an easy way to get the keif. What's the scoop with BHO? Is it an easy process. I just want an easy way salvage trimmings is all.
  4. Just get a grinder with a mesh, or stretch out some really fine silk over a container,
    lay your buds on top, then a sheet of polythene, contsruction plastic.
    Get a stick or some flat object and gently tap the buds through the plastic. For hours.
    What you're left with will be 00 grade kif, for 00 hash.
  5. i dunno about headshops in your area, but you can buy a grinder at one here so you might want to check around, it's simple to I have one, cost me $30 (I sure I paid to much) you just put the bud in on the screen then the top gets close on it and you have to leave it like that (it does all the work for you:) )
  6. Well, BHO is a pretty complicated process.

    If you are just looking for an easy way to get the kief from your trim I'd say maybe try Iso-hash...but I know some serious smokers who swear by BHO.
  7. if you want to take it off your plants while they are growing you can put on some Latex Gloves and rub the buds gently, once the gloves are covered put them in the freezer for a while and you can peel the stuff off.


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