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Keif, Keef?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Sinister, Mar 31, 2003.

  1. Yea so I bought 2 grams of some bomb mids which might as well be kb off my friend earlier for 20 bucks and its covered with keif or whatever, but what exactly is it? It makes the smoke harsh and it gets on your hands when you break it up. Really good weed but is it anything other than small thc crystals, is anything else added I should know about?
  2. i really doubt it, its probably just good bud.

    you want as much crystals as you can get, so toke on brother!
  3. Yes, crystals are a good thing. Smoke it up!
  4. I hate when your breaking a bud to make it fit in your bowl and all those crystals rub off on your hands.:( its such a waste.
  5. Its Kif.. Its just broken up weed over a screen, shit that falls to the bottom is kif
  6. What dude? Punkyworld is kind of messed up... I think he's talking about resin... But I don't think that's what you're talking about. Smoke all the crystals you want, man! Some good dank is sticky, like resin is, but that just means it's good bud... Usually some kind of strong mids or low-grade nuggets. Just keep breaking it up, but I usually use scissors on that type of stuff... It's easier to break up and then when you're done, you can scrape what's on the scissors into the bowl... It's easier than trying to get it off your fingers and into the bowl!
  7. That's not the way u would use your kief. U would either make a "chip" out of some kief in a pill press....or mix it in to whatever you are using last minute. dont touch kief with your fingers!! tell your friend he/she is dumb.

  8. No Nic, he's right...before you smoke crystally weed you can shake it over a screen or cheesecloth and the stuff that falls out is just THC crystals, or keif.

  9. so its only keif when it falls off the bud? so what is it called when its still on the bud......................crystals?
  10. I'll have to try doing this some time. I'd imagine it makes the smoke much more potent.:)
  11. I guess you just call it THC crystals...I really don't know...maybe it doesn't matter
  12. yepyep..get a magnifyin glass n check them things out..they'r beautiful ;)
  13. can you buy just the kief :)
  14. umm... doubtful, unless you know someone who keeps his/her kif and wants to sell it..

  15. it's delicious...... thast why ya gotta get one of these.....

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  16. i was jokin :-\
  17. Yep, that would be a Kif box, 60-80$. Found in most head shops.
  18. yup keef is easy as fuck to make. Just take some dank with hella crystals and rub it over a screen, all the crystals that fall off is keef. So yeah keef is just crystals. Also theres a way to compact keef and make it into some real nice sticky gooey hash. I suppose you could buy keef if you wanted but theres really no point cause just as long as you got some crystally buds you can just make your own keef, only takes like 45 seconds.
  19. Is a keef box just a stash box with a removable screen in the bottom? It looks like it would be easy to make a homemade one.:)

  20. Ok I'm confused. Why do you want to remove the keif from the bud? I would rather have it on the bud to smoke. What are you supposed to do with it once you scrape it off, just smoke it straight in a bowl?

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