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Keif Box

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by The Ripped One, Oct 31, 2002.

  1. Does anyone know where to get a cheap keif box? The ones in my town cost 40 bucks, cuz the guy who owns the shop cant even get a good deal himself...he pays 35$
  2. Does anyone on this site even know what a keif box is? And you call yourselves seasoned tokers, excuse me while I go take a bong rip of some juicy fruit!!!!
  3. Well my firend, may I suggest this. I use what I call a Keef Screen. I rub the crystally leaves and shake around the screen with a glass plate underneath. I pulled this piece of glass out of my mom's coffee table, but you can use anything that is tray like, easy for scraping up powders. The keef falls onto the plate where I scrape it together and place it on a bowl for toking. The keef screen is made out of a fine mesh screen which can be purchased at any art supply store. Then fabricate a picture frame type wooden rectangle out of small planks of wood (see picture). It would probable be even easier to go to a thrift store and purchase a small wooden picture frame. Stretch the mesh cloth kind of tight but not to tight. and Staple it down to the frame. You have just made a keef screen for under $10! Now, collect all your unused, non-stemmy leftover matter and place it on the screen for future keefing puposes. Below is a picture of a keef screen, and a glass plate with a fresh pile of keef. Movie prop of course. Good luck.

    P.S. I prefer this method over a keef box.

    P.S.S. Is that seasoned enough for your tastes? ;)


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  4. theyre comin 2 get me.
  5. make one..
  6. could someone tell me the purpose of such a device?
  7. to seperate the crystals from the plant, so that you can make finger hash and shit
  8. hows does it work? do you just rub the weed on the screen and all the crystals fall off?
  9. Yes, just rub in a circle with your hand, the crystals are small enough to fall through the silkscreen, while the leaf matter stays above. This way you have a pile of green matter composed entirely of the crystals from your ganja. By the way, those crystals are THC crystals and when sprinkled inside a joint or piled on top of a bowl of chronic, it gets you exceptionally higher. Silkscreen, $5 at art store. Picture frame $1-2 at thrift store. Add those together and you have a keef or keif screen. This is ususally only for people who have a lot of excess weed. The remainder of their unsmoked sack will be here for keifing, adding more chroniculation to their future bowls. Thanks.

  10. about how much herb would it take to fill a bowl of just kief

    i know its hard to estimate with all the different elements (crystal ammount, type of herb) and shit but someone gimme a ESTIMATE
  11. You can probably extract enough keif from 3 grams of scrap and trimmings to fill a standard sized bowl with just keif. It can be harsh though, keif burns kind of hot and will likely also snap through before you finish smoking it. I suggest sprinkling on weed. Werd.

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