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Keif box/wicca box

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by dandan09, Oct 14, 2009.

  1. Can anyone explain to me what a keif box or a wicca box is. Do i store weed in it? I hear its a type of grinder? i dont know anything about it and im so confused lol.:confused:
  2. Ok, no problem...

    A keif box is usually part of a grinder, though not always. Basically its just a box with a screen over the top. The screen which is sometimes called a pollen screen or pollen press has fine enough holes in it that keif (which is the tiny, sandy little crystally bits on your herb) can fall through but no weed does. So, you grind your weed or tap it over this screen and the little box under the screen fills with blond gold.

    Often when you buy a grinder itll be in four parts... upper and lower grinders with holes in the lower one, which dropps the ground weed onto the screen, with the removable keif box under the screen. Mine just screws apart.

    If you use a setup like this, keep a nickle (the coin) on your screen and after you grind your weed, give the whole afair a couple of shakes. Itll knock a lot of extra off the plants.
  3. Ok so what do you do with the keif? Is it just extra thc u can sprinkle on your bowl?
  4. Exactly. Keif is nearly pure THC and once you get a bowl of it toke up and get fucked up. A lot of people also simply sprinkle it on a normal bowl and it still makes a more intense experience. Also, I have a 4 stage grinder like Mikayote talked about with a screen on the bottom, I heard that wicca boxes get a lot more though, but I am not sure about that.
  5. i use a sifter box, which sounds like what your talking about. after i used my grinder i toss the bud in with a few coins and got to town, gathers quite a bit of keif. im storing all my keif in a 420 jar atm, plan on smoking it all on xmas with friends when the jar is full.

    a good thing you can do with keif is grab up a compactor. i picked on up for $30 at a local shop. just pack all your keif in there(or atleast enough to make a decent sized pill/block) and tighten it as much as you can. then every hour or so, tighten it more if you can. try to not open it and leave it compressing for at least 8 hours, otherwise the pill/block will fall apart once you take a flame to it.

    there are a few types of compactors but the ones with weights in it and you have to shake it are no good imo.

    other things i usually do were mentioned already. lace it on a bowl/blunt for an extra bump :p

    ill get a pic of my box once i head to my friends tonight, i recommend Sifter/keif/wicca boxes to everyone, works wonders for collecting keif. alot faster than your basic screen in a grinder because they generally have alot finer screens.

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    Keif is pretty cool, actually. You can frost a bowl with it for an extra kick, you can smoke it by itself if you want to get super duper couchlocked high.

    The first time I ever smoked keif, a friend had gotten four grams from a friend in exchange for an unamed favor (... I really, really didn't want to know with this guy). He packed about a third of a gram into a glass pipe, handed it to me and told me to smoke it all to my head as fast as I could. By the time I finished the bowl, I dropped to the couch totally fucking paralyzed and just stared at comedy central for like four hours. Didn't even get up for munchies or a drink or anything. And if you're into other herbals, a dusting of keif on a bowl of Salvia or Kratom is dandy.

    There's also a cheapo alternative to a screen box. You get a very flat, very clean surface. A mirror works great. Then you put your herb into the leg from a pair of panty hose/nylons. Vigerously shake the herb up and down over the catching surface and you'll start to notice golden blond dust collecting.

    Another cheapo alternative, you can wrap about a half a gram to a gram of keif in foil, wrap it up real tight (like, three or four layers), then put an iron on low and just set it on top of the block. LOW heat, no steam.

    Also, if you're interested in having a lot of keif, look up the guide to making bubble hash. Its a cold + cold water process for seperating the keif from the herb. And since it doesnt use any heat or solvents all you have to do is dry your herb out and its good to use.

    Oh, and don't neglect stems. Stems are kinda tacky surfaced, so a lot of keif gets stuck to them. Don't let it go to waste!
  7. If you like blunts or joints, sprinkle kief into it for an extra kick. I sprinkled a little bit onto a 1.5 gram blunt (kief I had collected from maybe an eighth of weed being ground through the grinder) and my friend and I were so baked we had to put the blunt out and smoke it later.

    Pure kief bowls are really fun, but I think it's better to sprinkle the kief on top of a packed bowl.

  8. Only once it falls through the screen and collects with other "crystally bits", is it kief. Right up until that point, it's Trichomes.

    The best casual kief-box is definitely the butt of a pollen-collecting grinder. The average grower can collect trichs real quick and you don't notice the loss... until you twist the butt off!

    Sketchy Newb, well spelt!


    ps. Most purists argue that kief should always be pressed. Blah! Me, I make a thing I call a "Fuzzy Woozy". Basically, you do a batch of Honey Oil, and smear the goo all over the inside of a big skin. Then you sprinkle the kief all over (it sticks to the honey oil and makes a fuzzy coating, see). Then you pack the skin with some weed. Then you try and smoke more than one draw! :smoking:
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