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  1. okay, im getting ready to start a new round of clones over the next couple of days. this round i want to use basically all organic if possible. havent picked out the soil mix yet, but i did pick up a bag of blood meal to get me started. i like the nitrogen content. 12-1-1. cant remember the name, but i will get back to you on it. next to that bag was a bag of bone meal. it looked equally impressive with numbers of 4-12-4 i think, well something close to that. okay. i understand in a mix of over 3.0 cubic feet, atleast 4 cups of both into the mix. what about continuos feeds though? what does one feed these plants while in veg and in flower while they already have the necessary nutrients? or i should put it this way, what do you use? i need some ideas because i seriously have not a clue. will be doing a search though :)
  2. HIGH All, here are some people's own mix and feedings and some good links.

    I've only done Organics a few times, so I think you might get some better ideas there.

    Hope this helps guys.
  3. thanks Unoit! im in the process of getting all my organic shit. want to get away from the chemicals this time. i have no problems with being exact, but there is just something unatural about a chemical grow ya know?
  4. Naughty i'm also moving towards organic, i'm gonna give it a go next grow, and see how it works out.......keep us updated on how it turns out..........Peace out.........Sid
  5. surely will, when will you be starting? and are you starting from seed or clone? i would like to kinda compare notes when we get started. i do know so far im going to be using bone and blood meal, kelp extract, worm castings, perilite, hydrated lime and a pro mix for soil. epsom salts will also be added to the mix. im still a little confused though on what i will use for watering ferts
  6. i think will be using fish emulsion 5-1-1
  7. i'm planning on starting a new one in a few weeks......maybe a month as i want a new sqirrel extractor fan, and it's £ you starting now?........Peace out.........Sid
  8. yeah ill be starting within the next 3 weeks. moving things starting today, and pretty much all day tomorrow. good newz, ill be back online on sunday though, so barely an interuption, ill be starting from clone, and may start a couple of white widows also. if i get a male, its all good, would like to cross it with my sativa.
  9. i dont care what anyone says, there is something much more delicious about a homegrown, sunripened, grown in beautiful soil tomato. no question 'bout it. MJ no diff.

    certainly there are diff gradients of 'organic' but if u plan on doing only the organic thing, make sure u know that what u are doing.

    miricle grow has just about anything u need to grow in a bucket of decent soil. ur plants will prob never 'want' with that set up. but its plant crack.

    when u start from scratch of soil and ferts, here are a few things i think u need to consider.

    ur soil should have lots of compost material % wise for micro nuts that arnt readly available in some bonemeal/fish emulsions concoctions. also compost is a buffer for the screwups we all are gonna do by trying to be god and creating soil, something that was created over 1000's of years. but too much compost material holds too much water and ur nuts concoctions. there is a balance. compost, sandy loam, peatmoss, substraight and drainage.

    make sure u dont overload sum fert that u are concocting. just cuz it says 'natural' doesnt mean its not powerful. too much mag or sulphur or others 'burn' will kill ur plant faster than u can say 'wtf is my plant turning white?'.

    the idea behind 'organic' is that ur soil has a balance of life to it. that means bugs good/bad and other nasty things that u will have a hard time doing in ur basement. also that balance is hard to get in a bucket in ur basement.

    my suggestion is still to get a good light soil. add some composted material and maybe make sure ur pots are a little bigger than 1ft of growth / 1 gallon. and u dont have to over do anything. little dab of slow release organic chelated nuts will go a very long way.

    one more thing that is interesting to think about. can any indoor grow be truely organic? i mean HPS and basement air with virtually no exchange value and airborn indoor molicules are exactly 'mother nature freshness' :) but then again...maybe the closer we can get, if even by one little step is better than nuthin.

    i would also like to be the first one here to request that there be an 'organic' forum.
  10. dude i only wrote that 3 min ago :) ur quick
  11. too much perlite...and that stuff doesnt seem very organic anyhow, tho i would consider it is.

    1/3 peatmoss 1/3 top soil 1/6 organic composting material and 1/6 something in-organic substrates like vermiculite or perlite or even a mix of sand/sawdust/rice hulls/clay/pebbles.

    if that turns out too heavy...just add more of the 1/6'th stuff till its light and airy. the lighter and the airier, the better.

    get urself a wheel barrow and dump it all in...get it moist and mix it like a sob, adding ur 'bonemeal/fish' stuff in at that time.

  12. HIGH All, mmmmmm no I don't know *LOL*...I love my chemicals and so do my girls.

    Hey guys when mixing the meals please wear a mask.
  13. okay im back after a 24 hr hiatus, im moved into my new home, the fun kinda begins :) anyways, i hear ya Froggy, and thanks for your expert advise. i plan on using 3-5 gallons, have quite worked it out yet. everything im using will be mixed and allowed to age for a couple of weeks before using. of course we all know what bone and blood meal look like, i purchased this alaska mor bloom, numbers 0-10-10, guaranteed analysis: phosphoric acid 10.0% soluble potash 10.0% and sea going fish chlorine 8.0%...does anyone or has anyone used it? doing a search later

    i guess at this time, i need to find a topsoil and a compost that i like to mix in with the rest. luckly right up the street their is a nursery, i will be checking it out over the next couple of days.

    ps, i to would like to see an organic room

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  14. well come to find out, that alaska mor bloom is not organic. :( back to the drawing board
  15. i think we all need a better concept of organic.

    certainly if it comes in a plastic bottle with a screw cap of some sort...the word 'organic' is suspect :)

    growing organically is a process, not products.
  16. yeah still going with the blood and bone meal. picked up some worm casings, the lime, some peat moss and verm. im looking at the sunshine pro mix, ill just mix it all together and let sit for a couple of weeks. im also going to get some kelp, hopefully it makes for a decent mix :)

  17. HIGH All, yes it's best to let the mix sit...just like your doing...give them good bugs a chance to start doing their thing before putting your babies in.
  18. okay hit you in the pm Frailty, that would make an excellent bloom fert. let me go read up on it some more.

    well, okay let me ask this. since any indoor atempt at an organic grow can never truely be organic, is it even necessary to have to nute with anything during flowering? look at everything that is being loaded up, bone meal, worm castings, and perhaps some kelp. since all of this breaks down for the plant to absorb, wouldnt water just be the only element needed to substain the grow? im just not having a whole hell of a lot of luck finding an organic bloom fert, besides the one mentioned above. is there even close to such a thing? and is it necessary to make a tea out of it or should it just be broken down in the mix. i am really trying to k.i.s.s. as much as possible ... any who grows organic or mostly organic please shed some more light! thank you :)
  19. hey naughtydread chilean seabird guano has some of the highest natural phosphorus rating there is, try it.

    hello everone this is my first time here, i am all about organic i am growing inside and outside i prefer outside but you cannot control the cycle as well as inside. organic is the way to go.

  20. HIGH All, yes water should be All you need....the organic mix's are your veg ferts and bloom ferts..when going into bud you need to top dress or transplant into what fallingleaf mentioned "chilean seabird guano has some of the highest natural phosphorus rating there is".

    And yes you can have a truely organic grow.

    Oh Ya Welcome to the City fallingleaf!!!!!

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