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Keeping your shit together?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by thegrowman, Jan 28, 2010.

  1. Young stoner here, having a little trouble. I've been getting progressively lazier and apathetic towards my responsibilities; of which, one is school. That's probably my toughest one.

    I toke up when I wake up, and then another time before class, in between classes -- just all through that shit. It leaves me unmotivated/tired for school, and I either don't really pay attention to what is going on in class because I'm spacing, or sleeping. Of course, I don't really do homework either. I smoke instead.

    I'm curious, I guess, of how many of you guys experience (or have experienced) shit like this. And if you guys think I smoke too much, or perhaps have the wrong battle strategy here.

    I can manage everything else just fine, but these grades just won't do! Help?

  2. take a break from smoking for alil while... get a gf?
  3. stop smoking until you pull ur shit together. then use it as a reward. It's not worth the entire life ahead of you just to have a couple months or years of high-all-day bullshittery. If you don't stay in school, you won't be able to afford the fire buds later in life. You can still have a shitload of fun in college without being high the whole time. TBH, it's really more rewarding when you smoke after your responsibilities are done with.

    Learn from the past, live in the present, and hope for the future.

  4. Disicpline can't be taught. Stop being lazy and start doing something. Force yourself to, and just fucking do it.
  5. dude if you can't get your shit done when your high then wait to toke after you get your stuff done. don't be the lazy piece of shit who drops out and becomes the stereotypical stoner, it makes all of us look bad. school is much more important than toking, trust me. save the wake and bake for the weekends at least, and getting high before class only works for some people, which isn't you. mary jane is a wonderful herb, but don't let it make you a sloth. you should take a t-break and don't let your self smoke till you get your grades up.
  6. I have a mindsent of doing my homework then smoke good weed after hard work or just get high and do homework its more fun.
  7. get better weed so you don't get tired.

  8. wisdom. Id rep you if my rep mattered.
  9. Ehhh, one of the oldest sayings there is:
    "Make bud revolve around your life, not your life revolve around bud"

    I had the same problem when i started off, so i smoked less. Usually only during the nights. Sometimes taking like a two week break might be fucking impossible, so just dont smoke at school. With all due respect to weed, when you start to suffer because of it, don't just think that "weed is magical and it will make my troubles go away". Cannabis is an amazing thing and it provides a truly awesome and indescribable experience, but if you see it affecting your life, then you should reconsider.
    If smoking only at night still doesn't help then smoke ONLY ON WEEKENDS. I am doing that right now and i am look forward to every friday and anticipate, which gives me energy to do all my work n shit. One of the worst things you could do is allow weed to fuck up your academics to the point of no return. Weed should be enjoyed and should not turn into a boring mundane humdrum experience. I hope you can lower your consumption and get back on track
    With all love
    or Casual Stoner F
  10. Actually wasn't expecting a whole lot of feedback...

    Never thought of using it as a motivation, but I guess that could work. Sounds like something worth a try.
  11. hate to say it bro, but if you cant smoke and keep your shit straight, you gotta quit. weeds supposed to make your life better, not fuck it up. personally the same thing happened to me in my sophomore year of high school. but my junior year i got smarter, i did homework like reading and taking notes and shit while i was high, not retarded high, but real chill high. its hard to get started cuz you'll be lazy, but if you (you'll have to) force yourself to start, then you just get on a rolllll.
  12. Personally, I've never had that problem. I do a lot better when high, but I've always stuck to the "Make bud revolve around your life, not your life around bud" Which it seems like you're making your life revolve around bud.
    I agree with what most everyone has said, use it as a reward;motivation.
    Just think, after you do your homework you can smoke a bowl!
  13. I think I know your true problem. Chances are, your parents don't know you smoke, so, you try and smoke during the times they would least expect it, and one of those times ends up being late at night. I did the same thing years ago, and I toked at night while my parents were asleep, would wake up extremely tired, then toke again before school started. The problem is, if you don't get enough sleep, your not going to learn anything, and I think thats your ONLY problem. Maybe you should instead just not smoke at night, and go to bed at a very reasonable time, like 9:00 PM - 10:00 PM; that way, you can wake up easily, and learn some stuff, since you are less likely to learn anything if you are tired. Another thing is, your probably somewhat lazy, yet could do all your work if you tried. It is also likely that you have done your homework while stoned, and thoroughly enjoyed it much more than being sober (and possibly got better score results). The only reason why you can't do that, is because there is no practical time to smoke and do your homework, go to bed at a reasonable time, and make sure that you don't get caught by your parents. Chances are, if your parents were in support of it / didn't mind, you wouldn't be having this "academic" problem. There are many people that are going to give you choices, and considering all the people talking here, im going to be straight out and give you all your options

    A - Only toke once a day

    B - Continue smoking, but do it to the point where it won't impair your sleeping

    C - Take a break of a month or two

    D - Quit smoking all together

    E - Smoke on the weekends

    F - Quit smoking until you get better grades

    G - Only smoke when your finished with your homework

    H - ???

    Looking at all these options, it will be very likely that most people tell you to do C or D. I have noticed a trend on this website where stoners feel they must be watchful of others so that they themselves do not look stupid as well, and just added to a negative statistic. However, that is not the path you need to go on, and is most of a extreme last solution. In the end, you know which choice is the best for you to make, and you alone will actually follow through with that choice; your not going to do some thing someone told you to do on the internet, When a person makes a decision, before they even ask the question, 90% of the world will not change there decision, only 10% actually will. You know what your going to do, before you even made this thread; but if you feel like you are really part of that 10%, review the choices I listed above, and try the least extreme in your opinion, following down all the way to the most extreme, (IE: C or D)

  14. Beautiful and true

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