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Keeping your parents from walking in on you

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Chakada, May 13, 2011.

  1. Hi i live with my parents and i havent really had that many friends over ever cause my house blows but im getting my room pimped out a couch some beanbags a hammock 70s wood paneling in other words greatest stoner room ever anyway we are gunna be there all the time blazing herb and i have a way to keep the smell isolated although im open to suggestions the main problem would be my mom opening the door and finding us in a haze how can i keep the rents from walking in:smoke:
  2. Move out


  3. I hope you're kicking in for the digs man. Its not cool if your rents are throwing down all this money and you're gonna be in there hiding something they're against.
  4. lock your door? move out?
  5. I have 3 ways to have them not walk in on me:
    1. A lock on my door
    2. Parents' respect for my privacy
    3. Something else
  6. Lock your door homie...
  7. If you think they're about to come in then shout that you're having a wank. If they come in after that then you have problems in your house past schisms over weed.
  8. Yeah, go to a hardware store and buy a knob that can lock from one side. Ask someone, and they'll get you one.

    But if your parents aren't cool with you smoking inside the house, you shouldn't do it, or you should take measures to prevent the room from getting smokey and staining the walls.

    1) Take single-hit bowls. This way, no smoke leaves the bowl.
    2) Exhale into something that can filter out the smoke, like a Smokebudddy Personal Air Filter or buy some carbon air filter paper at a hardware store, and make your own out of a pop can.

  9. Finish Him!

  10. You can start by using periods:wave:
  11. If you plan on blazing in your room definitely make a sploof or always blow out the window
  12. how would they NOT know you were smoking there? how stoned are ya dude, hahaha
  13. Smoke when there gone. /thread lol
  14. Put a sign on your door that says you're wanking it, guarantee that stops anybody from coming in without knocking.

  15. sometimes I get the weird feeling that you and OscarZetaAcosta are the same person.

  16. I get that same eerie feeling as well.
  17. Don't we all.
  18. Bro I have the exact same problem. But I figured out a way to help prevent it. I made a ghetto carbon filter out of an old fishtank filter a dryer sheet and an toilet paper roll. I'm sure there are other thing like it on this forum but pm me if you want the basic plans.

    Stay blazed

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