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Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by Smoke me Up, Oct 24, 2003.

  1. Has anyone experienced this before say you have an attic grow room and you have a heated grow box (outside or in) or like a space heater to keep them in a safe temperature zone? I ask these question because I have the -most- room in my attic and was concerned it may get too cold later in the winter for later harvests, anyone have any experience or ideas?
  2. i think the lights would keep it plenty warm....
  3. ya but what about 12/12/ when the lights go off for awhile?
  4. where do you live? i mean is it going to get really really cold? and i never thought about 12/12. maybe you could use a heat lamp, but would that mess up the flowering stage?
  5. I think any kind of light can mess up the flower stage but their are ways to transfer the heat and not the light...I was thinking about an insolated grow box or i dunno...lowest in normally get's is like 15 degrees F and thats like in Feb/March Attic is normally around 10 degrees higher then the outside
  6. i'll put some thought into this. i need to figure out a heat source for my little box as well so it can grow anywhere not just in nice warm places...if anyone has an idea it would be most helpfull =)
  7. get a space heater, the don't put out any light i think...
  8. does anyone know if the sell tiny heaters? like pc fan sized? this could solve my problem. and yeh space heater sounds like a good idea for an attic just make sure you dont set anything on fire =)
  9. here ya go you all. i am assuming that you all live in the houses below these attics??? Well i would think that if you are heating the house, the attic would get some of the radiant heat???? If not, maybe a small vent hole somewhere with a pc fan sucking the heated air up there, remember warm air wants to rise naturally ;)

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