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Keeping weed in wallet

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Bingos, Mar 14, 2012.

  1. Ok so im in high school (but still 18 remember;)) and i usually at the most would buy 3g at a time and i put it in the poket behind all the other pokets. I have got really paranoid before and thrown out weed in fear of expulsion because i really dont want to throw away my education. But anyway does anyone else do this and have you been caught doing it. Btw its i only for school, if i get caught at home so be it i deserve the punishment i get. So tell me its effectiveness for school
  2. I like this spot also.

    But it won't work if you get caught.
  3. never put weed there. thats where i keep my pills.
  4. Nothing works if you get caught :L
  5. its sounds like a good idea until you get pulled over by the cops and a gram falls out of your wallet as your giving him your license
  6. i dont like keepin it in my wallet because out of school when pigs ask for your ID, where is it usually? in your wallet, they could smell or see a bulge idk to risky, i usually stick in my wasteband or sock, or hat on occasional days
  7. I don't like my weed getting compressed under my 210 lb. ass. I'll keep my weed in my jar at home and take out small amounts in empty pill bottles if needed.
  8. Don't bring weed to school, problem solved.
  9. ive had too many friends suspended from school this year for weed, paraphenilia, and unmentionables. dont do it.
  10. Don't bring weed to school. It'll be there when you get home right next to your gameboy. You'll live.
  11. if you do bring it to school don't be dumb about it. i realize that bringing it to school is a bad idea but op will probably do it anyway. at least put it in a pill bottle and then put it somewhere in your locker or bag.
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    Keep it in the trunk of your car (if you have one, that is) and keep it valet locked. It's what I do and the cops can't open it without your consent (like I'm giving them that :rolleyes:) or a warrant. And I'm pretty sure it's hard to get a warrant on a car if you're barely doing anything wrong outside of your house (I only break it out when I'm at home at night). If you don't have a car, just don't bring it period. :D

    Edit: I just understood what you said. DON'T BUY WEED AT SCHOOL. I had someone get expelled because they bought at school and got caught. Buy it outside of school or something, not on the campus. Worst place to do it. If you're so worried about your education why buy it there? It's so risky. Smh.
  13. First off, I never brought weed to school. It's a stupid idea.

    But, my hiding spot is in my boxer-briefs. The flap in the front connects all the way back to your gooch and there's a pocket inside of it. So it just kinda sits behind your balls. It's a good spot. A lot of people don't like it, because I look like I'm playin with my junk when I get it out, but I'd rather have a good spot and have to reach in my pants than get caught.

    For reference, here's the underwear I'm talking about.
  14. Do you really have to post a huge pick of a male model in underwear?
  15. Are you that homophobic that it bothers you?? It's just a picture of some boxer briefs grow up. Also get shoes with a hidden stash spot or don't take shit to school.

  16. I was just trying to show what I was talking about in case someone didn't know what they were. I figured the posters here would be mature enough to handle it.
  17. hide it in your school bag, in an umbrella. (i thought it was one of the best idea...) if ppl ask you why u have an umbrella on a sunny day, tell them you like to be preventive. until the day it rains and you forgot you hide weed in your unbrella... (i, then, realize it was not the greatest idea, but still legit on a sunny day...)


    keep your weed at home and pre-roll your spliff for school
  18. Don't bring it to school. Period.

    If you absolutely must, leave it in your car in a Mason Jar (or some other glass jar with a cork on it). If you don't have it in a car, double bag it and put it in a pill bottle.
  19. Everyone knew what you meant, it has nothing to do with maturity, it was just unnecessary.
  20. If it doesn't smell, and you don't tell any body then it will work.

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