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Keeping weed in the cold.

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by Wachiga, Nov 18, 2008.

  1. Tomorrow I have to meet my friend to get a pickup. Its gonna be pretty cold, around 35-37F. If hes carries 1oz in his pockets during the cold, will the bud go bad?
  2. Shouldn't. I left my bud outside overnight on accident, and it got down to like 40, and the bud was fine the next day.
  3. I actually know a few people who keep their wee refrigerator, they think it keeps it fresh... Don't know if actually does anything though.
  4. You should consider those temps a good thing for the bud.
    Around here its hot as hell all the time and heat can degrade thc

    And yes, properly storing your bud in the freezer will make it last longer
  5. Thanks for the info. If kept in the cold, will the buds increase or decrease in size?
  6. Nah shouldn't get any bigger or smaller.
  7. ^^Right, size wont change
  8. Colder temperatures do 2 things to weed:

    1. Trichomes (crystal, pollen, THC, the sticky shit on ur bud) becomes brittle and more apt to fall off your weed, so be gentle if you want it to stay on your weed or rough and forceful if you want it to fall off.

    2. Slows the breakdown process of the chlorophyll, and THC potency.

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