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keeping weed in plastic wrap

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by TokinMosquito, Feb 15, 2009.

  1. hey GC i normally take plastic wrap like you get in a roll from the grocery store and take two squares of it and put my weed on that and tie it tight,will this keep it fresh? i normally keep it in medicine bottle but that doesnt fit in pockets to well when going somewhere

    also heard ziplock bags work well, is this better than plastic wrap?
  2. :facepalm:
  3. if your gona use plastic wrap keep the sticky side out
  4. It seems like plastic wrap is kind of inconceniant. I doubt it keeps it THAT much fresher than somehting else. I would deff use a ziploc bag. (smaller the better). Also over time you prob will get a dimebag or 20 sack which is a small baggie spicifically for holding weed. Just keep those instead of throwing them away
  5. when its in ziplock it seems the weed bumps around alot, is this bad for the buds?
  6. Better than plastic wrap, get a small tub bro.
  7. ^what he said. Immediately after i get my bud in bags of course i just put it in a big airtight jar. Its soooo much better cause it doesnt dry out the buds and keeps them nice and fresh and the taste is great after you cure them for a little while.

  8. when ever it is in the zip lock shake it all to the bottom and then roll it up towards the top it won't bump around at all :hello:
  9. .....Dimebag?

  10. Well I dont know it depends how much he has. If its like alittle less then a gram a dimebag would be good, Obviously if its like a good amount of weed you wouldnt try to put it in a dimebag

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