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Keeping Urine warm

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by SD_Confidental, May 11, 2011.

  1. Idk if this should be posted in Apprentice Tokers, but I am surely not an apprentice toker :p

    Though I am an apprentice when it comes to drug test.

    I recently received a job offer at this place I applied to. I went through the process, and now I have to do a drug test within the next 48 hours. I plan on getting it over with now.

    My plan is to pick up my very close friend, who is clean, and drive to the clinic. Before I walk in, he will piss into a condom. I'll tie the condom and place it in my crotch before I walk in under two pairs of boxer briefs. I walk in, and take it.

    My worry is if I'm able to keep it warm enough within the time period of walking into the clinic and taking the test?

    My only alternative is cleansing my body tomorrow and taking it the day after. I started a break ,after smoking heavily almost everyday, on April 24th. I broke my break May 6th, or last friday. I haven't been exercising recently because my athletic season is over. I haven't smoked since that last Friday. I'd prefer just to use my original plan. Or is it possible for my body to be cleansed by the day after tomorrow?

    Thanks for any advice
  2. There's a chance that you could be clean but I really doubt it. I would have your friend help you out if I were you
  3. Maybe get some handwarmers? Or heat up a rice pack and place the piss in the condom on that for a little bit, I DONT KNOW MAN lol
  4. If you obtain the piss a few hours before the test and put it in your crotch for those few hours, it will be fine because the body heat there is identical to the heat of the piss.
  5. ...dude, you can keep it under your arm pit, that will keep it body temp.

    ...I once taped a visine eye drop bottle around my peter filled with piss, and it worked like a charm!!!! I used a very small drill bit to drill a hole a little larger than the factory hole of the bottle, this will give you more of a stream rather than have to use it within a few minutes of unscrewing the top or you'll have piss drips on ya...but, it works! Good luck man. ;)
  6. How would you go about getting it in there? Could be a messy situation.

  7. ...not at all messy, the nozzle come off at the top.

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