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Keeping Urine warm for drug test

Discussion in 'Tokers Q&A' started by MEERKAT, May 29, 2012.

  1. I have a Drug Test tomorrow and my brother who does not smoke peed in a waterbottle for me. I have it in my attic so it will stay modertly warm. My questions are, how accurate is the temperature guage on the cups? ( it is for a lab ). Also, will menot having fresh urine be a problem? And last but not least how can I make sure that my pee is going to be the right temperature?

    Thanks guys any help will be much appreciated!:smoke:
  2. Just strap the test to your nuts before you go in to get it to the correct temperature hopefully it goes well
  3. in your mouth...should be 98.6 degrees in there...:p
  4. Try one of those hand warmers you can buy at a camping store. The type that get hot after you open the package. Rubber band it to the bottle along with a temp strip that sticks to the bottle. Heat it up using your own body heat for a few hours. The tests absolutely check the temp and is part of their normal process.

    Just use a small plastic bottle and hide it in your underwear under your sack.
  5. Microwave it and keep it under your nuts.
  6. handwarmers buddy
  7. How accurate are the tempaerture striops that they use? I dont want the handwarmers to get it to like 100 degrees you know what I mean
  8. Right up the butt...

    Oh, wait...

  9. pretty accurate.....its all about timing and how u do it.
  10. ...I've done a couple things in your situation.
    1. I kept the bottle in my arm pit to keep it warm.
    2. I took black electrical tape and taped the bottle (very, very tiny bottle ;) ) to my peter...
  11. I have on countless DT's grab one of those sample bottles at the liquor store(they are nice and small) they are easy to hide. warm it up however microwave, hot hands or boil in a saucepan for a few seconds. then wrap your leg in a brace(stretchy wrap for sprains...)and put the bottle in the brace. Im shooting 10/10 on this one.It will stay the perfect temp. until you are ready to PEE!
  12. You can also carry a small temp tape like they use in aquariums or herpatariums and measure it yourself if you have the privacy.

  13. Great idea.

    Anyone know how their temperature guage is?

    Is it just like a color chart or what?
  14. Warm piss is going to be pretty funky after a day. You should have put it in the fridge immediately and started warming it a few hours before the test.
  15. Make sure its in a nice thin plastuc bottole and warm it in the microwave for like 5-7 seconds, then strap that sucker by your nuts. Should stay at body temp if its thin plastic.

  16. Should I be worried about this? I did not think about it and my brother has already left for school

    After all, I put the top on it don't I?
  17. Lol, anyone who has training to handle urine samples knows that when it's been left out unrefrigerated for any period of time, it quickly smells of ammonia. Changes start at room temperature within an hour - and you left yours in a warm attic...hehehehehe.

    Fresh urine smells nothing like old stinky fermented urine. Funky smell = invalid sample. Good luck with that.
  18. Never put it in the microwave and don't store it for too long, I think 6 days is the max is I remember before it goes stale and bunk.
  19. Put it between your gooch and balls nigga
  20. Well, I just went to Lab Corp In New Jersey and i was paranoid as hell. I had a 4oz bottle from hospital mouthwash. I got the sample last night and kept it in the fridge over night. I woke up at 9am and warmed the bottle under hot water to get it started. Then i ace bandaged it inj my gooch criss crossing the ace around each leg and had it snug. i got to the lab and walked in and was only one there. The lady could not have given a shit less. She handed me a paper cup and sent me into the bathroom that was down the hall and around a corner. She had me place it in the basket.  I guess the moral of this story is. people do not CARE.  i guess it depends on the reason for your test, mine is for Insurance reasons to get them to keep p[paying for my Subutex. Apparently alot of people do things they're not supposed to with them. And they are tired of paying for them. to all the people that troll sites like this saying just dont get high or drink piss and it will be body temp, they can Suck it. the reason for the thread is to help us people that do smoke weed and are unjusly crucified for it. The truth of the matter is weed should be legal and its a bunch of bullshit that it is illegal. I can hit a bong and then i can eat whereas otherwise i cant and i keep losing weight. Or if panicked i can calm with it. But our government would rather pump us full of pharmacudicals that i know have bad shit in them and bad side effects. Sad world. all about money. well i hope this helps someone. truth is most prolly dont just give you a paper cup and have you place it in the basket. So be careful there are a few good tips on here about how to do it right. Stay Blazed. 

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